What's up, Special Ed?! Happy Friday to you guys. We've got a big weekend coming up. Jeff Ertz's show tonight in Jersey City, then tomorrow the DYM Home Theater will be screening SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Cynthia and the Maulbecks actually never saw it so everybody's pretty psyched for today's digital video release. But - first things first - we've got to break down all the Special Ed Matchups for Week 2!! LETS GO!! Total Moves this week: 12 Dumpster Diver of the Week: None It’s kinda sad that we couldn’t pull a trade off this week. We put together a couple of MASTERPIECES that were both rejected outright. That’s cool though, still early in the season, we get it. The Trade Machine spit out a few more gems that we’ll hold on to for now. DYM made the first step in re-building their WR corp with the late-night priority pickup of Kenny Golladay! We loved KG as the sexiest rookie WR of the 2017 class; many believed that he was the heir apparent to Calvin Johnson. He was destined to supplant Marvin Jones and Golden Tate upon the Lions depth chart. After leading the team in receptions and yards in week 1 it appears the prophecy has come to pass. Babytron has got it all! Runs good, catches good, QB Number, funny name and a funny nickname! Plus we can still use him if we ever add IDPs to this league! Golden Richards had our 2nd favorite pick-up of the week in Quincy Enunwa. We’re starting to think he’ll out-produce Robby Anderson this year, so we went looking for him Tuesday morning but he was already gone. The Commish added Antonio Gates, one of his old-time favorite players.  That was the only fall-out from the two TEs who were injured in week one. We’re stunned that 2 TEs went down and neither of them were Jordan Reed! We saw Paul picked up Will Dissley then dropped him this week. We figured he heard something about tight ends being injured and panicked assuming it was Reed. AMERICAS GAME OF THE WEEK Record: 1-0  vs The Gentrifiers The Gentrifiers team captain banged a 55 yard field goal on Thursday night, but was otherwise held in check by a stout Cincinnati defense. But the biggest story in the league this week is Fay looking to pick up and start an RB for the second week in a row. Devonte Freeman is officially OUT for week 2 and there is still no end in sight for the Lev Bell holdout. Losing your top two RBs in the first two weeks is something you don’t ever see coming, nonetheless Fay was woefully unprepared for this potentiality. This team only drafted 3 RBs and one was Ronald Jones. That’s just bad roster management right there. They’ll have to make some big-time moves real soon. Fortunately they have 2 QBs and a number of scrub WRs that make the roster highly flexible. They could quickly acquire two or three free agent RBs and still have ammo for a trade before kickoff. We’ll be watching this team very closely as a leading DDOTW candidate for week 3. On the other side DYM’s wide-receivers remain in flux as well. We’ll be starting pick-up-of-the-week Babytron Golladay alongside Tyler Lockett, our last drafted position player. We’re very excited about rolling these two youngsters out in their first Special Ed League starts but honestly it’s not ideal. We’d love to swing a trade with Gentrifiers right now to get Keenan Allen or Juju ahead of their very friendly week 2 match-ups. Dave needs the RB help more than anyone and we’d gladly give him a workhorse like Cook or Freeman. Just putting that out there. Think about it. A lot of people wouldn’t trade with the guy they’re playing against, but why not? We’re friends right? After all, opportunity knocks but once… 113.12 Gentrifiers: 90.65 IN SAQUON WE TRUST vs. [REDACTED] It’s only been one week but we’re doubting weather Matt Ryan and the falcons are gonna bounce-back in year 2 of the Sarkisian era. Those goal-like plays last week were TRASH! maybe even worse than last year. Fortunately other players have plus match-ups this week for the Commish. We like DT at home against Oakland and James Conner should be a beast once again. They’ve also got two guys playing against the Bills which should be more than enough to keep Chris out of the Hall of Shame. SAQUON WINS!! WE KNOWS FOOTBALLS vs QUE LASTIMA Tacos begins the week with a NEGATIVE score from their Thursday night defense. He’s probably starting LeSean McCoy still too, which is not advisable, he doesn’t look like he’s on steroids and that’s bad. Doug should go scope out the free-agent pool quick, Fay is about to grab Austin Ekeler and Duke Johnson right now. Ertz’s autodraft is suddenly looking very savvy with Mike Evans off to a scorching hot start and George Kittle coming off the bench in a clutch situation. Kittle is a fine young TE, they won’t miss a beat after losing Delanie. QUE LASTIMA WINS!! TEAM MEH vs GOLDEN RICHARDS It’s sad that both of Paul’s RBs missed their points projections on Thursday cause that was one of the highest scoring Thursday games we’ve seen recently, especially for fantasy. Now the door is wide open for Team Meh to steal a second straight win. Adrian Peterson will get the start this week with a sweeeet match-up at home against the colts, and Michael Thomas may be the NFL’s #1 WR this year. TEAM MEH WINS!! POLK HIGH PANTHERS vs RANDALL CUMMINGHAM There’s a good chance that Polk High Panthers is the #1 team in this league when the week 4 Power Rankings come out. They could have 4 LEGIT SUPERSTARS - brady, gronk, gurley AND AJ Green, who has really only been a STARTER-level player the last few years. Tevin Coleman starting for the Falcons this week also give PHP a big boost. Randall Cummingham has some serious soul-searching to do with both his top RBs missing practice time this week... Wish we could help... POLK HIGH PANTHERS WINS!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!!