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THERE'S STILL TIME TO VOTE FOR THE DYM AWARDS!!! CLICK HERE!!!!!!! WHO'S HOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! In an auspicious sign for the playoffs, Week 13 was the highest scoring week in Special Ed since early October. That helped create the unprecedented scenario we have here this week. In the history of WHOS HOT we have never had as many as 7 teams finish the season HOT. Last week 5 of the 6 playoff teams outscored their season average (all but PAT). We could be in for some fireworks this week as the top two teams in the Heat Index both got off to a hot starts and are both projected for 120+ coming into Sunday. Polk High Panthers' 151.71 was the highest score of week 13 but after a paltry 74.88 in week 12, their three game average only came out to 116, leaving them just luke-warm entering the playoffs. The Commish's 115 in week 13 was the second lowest of any playoff team. But it was also that squad's best score since week 7, so technically they end the season on a high note as well. FOOD BEEF V: CHINESE FOOD!!!!! Madison Wok, Madison, NJ Madison Wok came in as a late entry to the Tour. We had Ashia of Parippany slated for this week, but it turns out the Home Office is outside their delivery radius. Madison Wok came through in the clutch for a fine compliment to our Hannukah latkes. The Wok turned out to be not only a serviceable replacement but a surprise top contender. Not too greasy or over seasoned, just the uncomplicated, solid Chinese Food we've been looking for. There's no distinctive flavor like Sunny Kitchen or China Chalet, and we're not sure if there's any particular specialty dish, but everything was pretty good. Chicken Wings - 9 Pork Fried Rice - 8.75 The chicken wing-pork fried rice combo is one of our old favorites. Really takes us back. MW's wings are crispy outside and juicy inside. Four Seasons - 8.5 Another classic dish. Meaty with a subtle hoisin sauce, made just the way we like it. Hot & Sour - 7.5 Soup was OK. Good broth but more sour than hot. Dumplings - 8.25 Egg Rolls - 7.5 MADISON WOK TOTAL SCORE: 8.33 REGULAR SEASON CHINESE FOOD STANDINGS: 1 - *Sunny Kitchen - 8.75 2 - *China Chalet - 8.33 3 - *Madison Wok - 8.33 4 - *Bean Curd Restaurant - 8.3 5 - Cottage 2 - 7.7 6 - Hunan Wok - 7.6 7 - Lin's place - 5 8 - Ming II - (NA) Over the next week we'll sample select dishes from Sunny Kitchen, China Chalet, Madison Wok, and Bean Curd Restaurant . Eat restaurant will submit an order of Dumplings, Wings ( or ribs with a 1 pt deduction ), Soup, and Fried Rice. Due to our compressed schedule this year, we'll be holding a smorgasbord-style tournament where each dish will be re-adjudicated individually and the restaurant with the highest total playoff score will be named CHINESE FOOD CHAMPION!!!!! AMERICAS GAMES OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOBIN & THE RIPPERS vs. THE COMMISH The presumptive DYM MVP jumped out to a HUGE lead on Thursday night. The Rams put a whooping on the Patriots that was extremely satisfying to watch.
NFC West defenses have amazing playoff schedules cause they all get to playing NFC East, AFC East, and/or the Niners. (SF doesn't play themselves, but they are still available, FYI). The Commish‘s squad has a lot of great matchups but they don’t all feel as good as they look on paper. To get this win they‘ll need Keenan Allen and Justin Jefferson to carry them. Keenan is dependent on a rookie QB and Justin is a rookie so both could flop even against a green light matchup. There's no way The Commish feels good about starting Tannehill in the playoffs, but we have to admit he has been very good against the green lights so far this year. Yesterday the Falcons announced Julio Jones is OUT for week 14. That probably crushed any chance the Commish had for a comeback. Fortunately Gurley is active, otherwise they would have had to hit the dumpster for a last minute starter. The Rippers are also scraping the bottom of the barrel lineup-wise. Myles Gaskins and David Johnson both hit the COVID list this weekend. Fortunately Zeke, who had been limited all week with a calf, will be active. The late scratches could be a blessing in disguise as it'll force Mike Davis into the lineup. The last time we saw Davis he was in an extended slump, but we think he'll be ready for this one. After getting a week off in real life, Mike D is gonna come out fired up for a Fantasy Playoff REVENGE Game against the Commish. The winner will move on to face the Defending Champs in the Semi-Finals. So you guys already know who we're rooting for here.
TOBIN & THE RIPPERS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICAS GAMES OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON HOME vs. POLK HIGH PANTHERS You would think the matchup between last week's two highest scorers would be the marquee matchup of the Wildcard Playoffs. But we still can't get excited about either of these teams. Davante Adams is gonna get 150 yds, and Mike Evans will score 3 TDs on 2 catches somehow, and we will take a nap. PHP has another QB who is ostensibly hot right now, and has a great matchup on paper, but we would never feel good about starting in week 14. The fact is Kirk Cousins has over 25 pts in each of the last three games, and Tampa has allowed at least 20 to the last 3 QBs they've faced. But still, Kirk Cousins, man, Kirk fuckin Cousins. BIOH might have the the opposite issue at QB - the guy you really want to start against a sneaky good defense. In the last six weeks the Giants D has forced 8 turnovers and allowed only 7 TDs to quarterbacks; the also have 17 (SEVENTEEN!!!) sacks in that span including 5 on Russell last week. The game to watch in this one is Packers-Lions at 4. Davante and Marvin Jones could see 30 targets combined, if Marv can keep pace with BIOH's superstar PHP could be right back in it with Jarvis Landry as the Monday Night hammer. The winner will move on to face PAT in the Semi-Finals. POLK HIGH PANTHERS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!! THE 3RD ANNUAL BYE WEEK DFS SHOWDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAULS AWESOME TEAM vs. DEFEND YOUR MOVES Getting the playoff bye is always huge. This year it must be especially tough to get a team geared up for week 14 after such dramatic finishes on Monday and Tuesday. This week both playoff matchups have guys going Thursday, Sunday and Monday. That sounds tiring, so we’re more than happy to sit this one out.
But us football guys know there’s a thin line between REST and RUST. Which is why we started this Bye Week DFS Showdown to help bye week teams keep their swords sharp as they await the other games‘ results. We usually put a small bet on it, to make it interesting as they say (two digit, not like those other league psychos). The only change this year is we've moved from the Yahoo! DFS platform to DraftKings, since we know both PAT and ourselves usually have other action on that app anyway. So far it’s worked out great: Every year that the bye week showdown has been played, both teams have advanced to the Special Ed Superbowl. Both these teams will still have to keep a watchful eye on their Special Ed rosters, with more players hitting IR this year than ever before. DYM will have to seriously consider which, if any, of their Panther WRs will be useful going forward. Samuel is active, but Moore is still on COVID IR and we’re not convinced his ankle is healed yet either. Paul’s Awesome Team would have been at full strength this week, but we can only wonder if they would had started Harris over Akers in a live playoff match. We both have some big decisions (and perhaps some moves) left to make before week 15. DEFEND YOU MOVES WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR THE DYM AWARDS!!! CLICK HERE!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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