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The 2017 DEFEND YOUR MOVES Awards Nominees!!!!!

It's that time of year again, Special Ed fans... Time to cast your vote for the Fourth Annual Defend Your Moves Awards!!!!!!!!!!!

The polls will stay open HERE ON THE HOMEPAGE until the end of week 12 play (11/27).


Alvin Kamara – Kamara is the #1 RB in fantasy the last 4 weeks, but this was actually a pretty ballsy pickup at the time. The move was made on Sept. 22, the Friday before week 3. In weeks 1 and 2 Kamara only put up 5.8 and 6.9 points respectively and was stuck in a 3-man committee with seasoned vets Mark Ingram and AP. He's currently the #8 overall RB on the year, and is a LOCKED IN starter for one of Special Ed’s top teams.

Carson Wentz – The #1 active QB in fantasy was not a Special Ed starter until week 5. Since becoming the starting QB for The RC Wentz has thrown at least 2 TDs in 6 straight games, averaging 24 ppg. Wentz has been good on the road and against tough defenses all season long and is easily the most reliable QB this year even in a season where matchups seem to matter more than ever and nearly every good player has been hurt.

Juju Smith-Schuster – Once thought to be this year’s Tajae Sharp, Juju was highly underrated coming into the season. But he has absolutely made the most of his opportunity as a member of -10 Yard of Eli. Since being picked up Juju is the #5 WR in fantasy and the toast of the town for his spectacular TD celebrations. He has cemented his place as America’s NFL Sweetheart, there is no player's name that people like saying more than JUJU!

Chris Thompson - Another Rookie who made a big splash, Thompson is now the #11 RB in the league. I’m glad all these “satellite backs” have bigger roles in so many offenses this year, it really makes the .5 PPR seem like it’s still worth doing.

DRAFT VALUE: Jaguars D/ST (14.10): Mr. Irrelevant in our fantasy league has never been more relevant than the Jags D. Over the first 11 weeks of this season #SACKSONVILLE is scoring more points per game than any defense in at least the last 5 years. We checked all the way back to 2013 and the highest scoring D/ST we found was 12.9 ppg, and the Jags are at 14.9 this year. That’s BETTER than the #3 WR, #8 RB or #11 QB this year. Crazy.

Adam Theilen (10.7): The #3 WR in Special Ed was drafted in the 10th round. But the most amazing thing about Theilen this year is not just the high scores but the consistency. Only Deandre Hopkins has fewer single digit games at WR.

Dak Prescott (9.7): Can you fucking believe that the #5 QB in our league has only started 2 games??? smh.

Mark Ingram (6.10): Mark Ingram is now the #4 RB in the Special Ed league. And he’s getting hot at the right time here down the stretch. He and Saint teammate Alvin Kamara are #1&2 RBs over the last 4 weeks. We knew he’d be good but nobody saw the Saints going complete run-heavy this season.


Saquon’s Heisman – Usually when The Commish has a really good or really bad team he gets all loud and makes a big deal about it; but we appreciate how magnanimous he’s been about his losses this year. As expected, The Commish is still the top commenter on, and our sole off-season commenter. Big shouts to Ceasar. – Even without a 1st round pick we’ve remained the highest scoring team from wire-to-wire.

Even with an outstanding draft, we’ve managed to make more moves than any other Special Ed team for the 4th year in a row.

We also publish a blog about the Special Ed League exclusively at

Randall Cummingham – RC has made the 2nd most moves in the league this year, and they’ve been highly effective moves too. Savvy pickups like Carson Wentz and Robert Woods have turned this squad into the 2nd HOTTEST team in the league and the 2nd highest scoring team this month.

Golden Richards – Another active community member, Golden Richards has been a strong commenter and a true believer in the DYM philosophy: GR owns both of the sexiest rookie RBs (Fournette and Kamara), and a QB named Russell. GR has been Dumpster Diver of the Week twice this year but we still hadn’t mentioned this: Any team that rosters both Buck Allen and Bilal Powell would be a strong DYM MVP nominee, but look how he tossed these guys around like sacks of potatoes



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