DEFEND YOUR MOVES 2017 Week 7 !!!!!!!

What’s up Special Ed?

Pretty hectic week here in the DYM Household. Only got time for one long form Defend Your Moves for Week 7.

So let’s get right down to it –


Dumpster Diver of the Week: White Walkers – 2 moves

The Packers are very inconsiderate injurees. These guys keep getting hurt in the first quarter without telling anybody beforehand: Jordy got hurt in the first quarter back in week 2, and put up a goose egg; Ty Montgomery went down in week 4 with 2 points on the board; this week it was Aaron Rodgers leaving the game with just 2 completions for 18 yards. THAT’S NOT HELPFUL, FELLAS!!! At least wait til after half time, guys, jeez. Help us out a little. 

The Packers offense supported no less than 5 useful fantasy players every week. But that production was entirely dependent on the future hall of fame QB. Cobb, Nelson, Adams, and Montgomery — All top 20 players a year ago – are all now unknowns for the remainder of this year. Perhaps only Nelson can be trusted to start this week. This injury will have a monumental impact on the entire Special Ed league. But none will be more acutely impacted than the White Walkers. After dropping Justin Tucker, the Dubs were looking to Rodgers as the team’s leader on and off the field. The early first half injury must have come as a shock to the Dub management, but they responded quickly and displayed incredible roster flexibility by adding 2 QB’s on Sunday before Rodgers was eligible to drop.

The W-Words took advantage of last week’s Greatest Blunder by adding the boringly named Matt Stafford as well as a far more interesting bye week fill-in QB Tyrod Taylor.

Luckily, they pulled out a win despite a near Zero from Rodgers and remain over.500. This still looks like a fantasy playoff team. Great Moves!!!!!!!  


There’s a sneaky London game this week at 1pm EST.  I bet a lot of people don’t even realize the Cardinals/Rams game is in London. I spent a  good minute just staring at the schedule like “Rams/Cardinals at 1pm … hmm … seems odd, but, OK … Maybe one of them moved back to St. Louis I guess?”

This game is crazy, if it’s at 1:00pm and it’s in England is that like 3:00am Pacific time? Do you think they just stay up?










63% of all Will Fuller catches this year are TDs

Currently the #3 WR in average Fantasy Points Per Game

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA!. Just like the Fresh Prince!!!!!!


So, the word of the day today is “GRUESOME.” It is an accurate descriptor in this situation, but some of these sports media folks need to hit that thesaurus button. It was definitively grisly, horrid, horrific and dreadful, as well.  Those words work. 

The compound ankle fracture is one of the worst things you can watch happen. It’s a very ugly injury, and all the more shocking to have it happen in the first quarter of the first game of a superstar’s career with a new team.  But I think some of the reactions have been a bit over the top. I saw several people on twitter or on TV today sending some combination of thoughts and prayers out to Gordon AND HIS WIFE. Come on, guys, why are you shouting out the family? duke didn’t actually die. OK?