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It's time to make your voice heard, Special Ed. It's time, once again, to vote for Fantasy Footballs most distinguished honors: The 2018 DEFEND YOUR MOVES AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Polls are NOW open until next Tuesday 11/27 The winners will be announced before the Week 13 Regular Season Finale. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OUR NOMINEES!!! BEST PICK-UP OF THE YEAR James Conner (#5 RB)

Every year there's this one guy. The guy that comes out of nowhere and carries his teams to fantasy championships. There was a young Russell Wilson in '14 and '15, briefly suspended Leveon in 2016, underrated Gurley last year, and this year it's James Conner. He's been The Man this year and every fantasy team he's on is probably really good. James White (#9 RB)

One of the most powerful Jedi Masters of the passing game, White currently leads all RBs in receptions and receiving yards. Gentrifiers was 3-1 with White in the fold. Marlon Mack (#8 RB)

DYM's least popular new character has two 30+ point games in the last 5 weeks, and the DYM team is undefeated since adding him to the roster. Philip Lindsay (#17 RB)

When we saw Lindsay in the preseason he jumped out immediately as a sleeper break-out candidate. Although he was buried on the Broncos depth-chart, he checked off every box in our scouting report: Rookie Funny hair Two first names QB number He's the TOTAL package. BEST DRAFT VALUE George Kittle - Rd 13 pick 5 (#3 TE)

Kittle has been the rare bright spot in a terrible season for the Niners, a terrible season for Que Lastima, and a terrible season for the TE position. We all should have waited til the 13th round to draft TEs. Patrick Mahomes - Rd 11 pick 2 (#1 QB)

The presumptive NFL MVP. The #1 player in fantasy. The GOAT. If Deshawn Watson last year was Michael Jordan, Mahomes is Lebron. Adam Thielen -Rd 4 pick 3 (#1 WR)

We did not see this one coming. We thought fourth round was too high for Thielen. Dead wrong. He's not better than Diggs, but was the correct fantasy pick. Melvin Gordon - Rd 3 pick 6 (#2 RB)

Melvin is having a career year increasing his yards per carry from 3.9 last year to a gaudy 5.2 this year. Third round is still a high pick but a LOT of RBs went before Melvin and hes better than all of them. DEFEND YOUR MOVES MVP

24 Moves - Best add: Matt Breida

Doug lost his RB1 to a labor day injury and has been grinding on the waiver wire ever since. He's picked up 7 different RBs this season


39 Moves - Best Add: Chris Carson

Paul has the second most moves in the league, which is amazing because he's still starting 5 of his top draft picks. Some pretty reckless moves - he's added Buffalo Defense twice Fay

18 Moves - Best Add: Patrick Mahomes

The same guy who forgot to set his line-up twice early in the season also pulled off two Blockbuster Mega-Deal Trades. A legendary achievement. Russ 50 Moves - Best Add: Chicago D

DYM leads the league in moves for the fifth straight year. This season we've only retained 3 players from our draft and traffic at is at an all-time high.

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