DEFEND YOUR MOVES 2020 WEEK 9!!!!!!!!!

What's up Special Ed?!? It's Thursday afternoon and America's Olympic future still hangs in the balance!!!!!!!!! There's a whole bunch of announcements scheduled to be made in the next few hours here so we ordered up our weekly Chinese food and we're getting ready to do it LIVE right here on Defend Your Moves!!!!!!!!! We MIGHT have NFL practice injury reports!!! Thursday Night inactives!!!! A Chinese food delivery!!!!! And -MAAAAYYBE - a brand new President of the United States!!!!!! Here's where we're at with the election right now (2:53pm) : The funny thing is the Associated Press, Google, and Fox News have all been calling AZ for Biden since last night. Only CNN and MSNBC still have a tally of 253-213, and they've been talking about GA and PA all day. Everybody else has 264-213, which would mean Biden only needs NV to win it all. But hey, Tapper and em are the pros. They know how to tell a story. ...AND THE CHINESE FOOD HAS ARRIVED!!! We'll take a sampling here while we write this next section - THE OTHER LEAGUE UPDATE A few members of the Special Ed League are taking part in a fledgling ancillary league consisting entirely of SHS Class of '99 Alumni. The DYM squad over there got the #2 pick so we took Saquan, like an idiot. Then Ekeler in the 2nd, cause both those guys were absolute locks in a .5 PPR, so dependable. The worst part is this league has those archaic Tuesday waiver rules, so when you get fucked by injuries there's usually not that much you can do about it. We're 1-7 now and in sole possession of last place after losing to none other than the venerable Special Ed Player Emeritus - JEFF ERTZ. smgdh, indeed. That's our boy Pickle Ricks!! in 1st place btw. Anyways, we really just wanted to mention that waiver issue here for a couple reasons. First of all - shout out to all you guys. Special Ed is still THE BEST fantasy league on the world. Second - check out those MOVE counts. ⬆️ That's 251 Moves league-wide in 8 weeks, WITH NO MOVES ON SUNDAYS!!! Our fair Special Ed League is sitting at a paltry 176 Moves as of 3:55pm Thursday. C'mon now, guys. We can do better. AND WE'VE GOT ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Jonathan Taylor's fake ankle injury is all healed up. Good as new. We gotta choose between him and Dexter Williams before the end of this article, so this could be big. FOOD BEEF V: CHINESE FOOD BEAN CURD RESTAURANT, Chatham, NJ Bean Curd House is the current go-to in the DYM household. We considered it the #1 seed entering the Tour. Everything you get here just tastes like higher-quality grub than most other Chinese spots. It's not too greasy; almost never over-cooked; got the big-sliced veggies and meat. Just a solid, solid Chinese place. The only real problem is they don't deliver and they're "conveniently" located in the middle of downtown Chatham. Right next to the train station on Main St. We went down there to pick up just now and the traffic was still slow as shit (Did we mention it's Thursday afternoon right now?) Still tho, everything we ate just now really hit the mark, as usual. DUMPLINGS - 8.5 - Flawless but not exceptional: Dough was tender, not too thick, and the meat was soft too. Flavor doesn't blow you away tho. BEEF STICK - 7.5 - We really enjoyed this, but it was sweet, not hot curry like the ones we got at the last few places. Once again, it was good but, also unexciting. SESAME CHICKEN - 10 - Delicious and cooked to PERFECTION! Probably the most tender deep fried meat we've had anywhere on this tour. HOT & SOUR SOUP - 7.5 - Another technically good dish, with a distinct lack of pizzaz. good broth consistency, good veggie size. But not hot enough. Order it extra spicy next time. UDON NOODLE SOUP - 8 - This is a Japanese soup on paper, but Bean Curd's take on it tastes VERY Chinese. Think hot & sour soup, with shredded chicken - but it's not sour, just very HOT - and then it's got those big udon noodles that everybody loves. TOTAL SCORE: 8.3 DYM LIVE TIME UPDATE: 4:56 PM Looks like Aaron Jones is gonna be active tonight. That's bad news for DYM The Team. Looks like Pickle Ricks is gonna start both Thursday Night RBs against us here. This is gonna be an EXTRA tilting Thursday night, you guys. Good thing weed is legal in NJ now, we're about to go eat an edible for dessert. hold on. ... OK, we're back. Still no official inactives for tonight. And we coulda swore there was gonna be a Nevada announcement around 5pm Eastern, but CNN is still in Philly for whatever reason. Nothing to see here. AMERICAS GAME OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON HOME vs POLK HIGH PANTHERS AGoTW Prediction Record: 3-4 So Amazon is letting you choose "Alternative Commentary" on tonight's game when you watch online. It says here you can have the classic Buck-Aikman booth; Ladies' Night with Hannah Storm and Andrea Kramer; or the British stylings of Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth. That's amazing, btw, "Derek Rae" and "Tommy Smith" are like the Deejay Dallas of British names. We're 90% sure those were both names of characters from Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels. Gotta be made up. We are 100% watching the British version tonight. We LOVE funny accents. We even found a couple fantasy football podcasts (American football) with British hosts. They're the BEST. Such a pleasure to listen to. Colm Kelly of Rotoviz @OvertimeIreland is a personal favourite. Check out his show on Pandora, or wherever you get your Podcasts!!! POLK HIGH PANTHERS WINS!!!!!!!!! DEFEND YOUR MOVES 🦏 vs PICKLE RICKS!! The Mandolorian Season 2 started last week, and we are happy to a say it's STILL the best Star Wars. The Season 2 Premier was another full-on western style episode, directed by John Farveau. The Western-ness was so unapologetic this time they even got the guy from Justified to play a sheriff in Tattooine. The coolest thing for us was how they went back to Tattooine, but there were more visual references to The Phantom Menace than to A New Hope. Check out Justified's bike up there, it's half of a pod racer!! But the thing that makes it quintessentially STAR WARS is the cyclical self-references. The opening scene of Season 1 Ep 1 featured a very scary monster, who lives under ground, that Mando dispatches with unworried ease, establishing him as a hero more who's powerful and also more mysteriously foreboding than the subterranean dwelling beast. This episode also introduces an underground monster with big teeth in the first scene. But this is Season 2!! This time we are well aware of Mando's capability, so he'll have to spend a good 40 minutes looking at Justified sexy face and speaking sign language to Sand People to impress us. FIVE STARS DEFEND YOUR MOVES WINS!!!!!!!!! THE WHITE JESUS POISON vs ZOMBIE PATERNOS The ZP's have one at least one more week to wait before they get their real starting RBs back. Hunt and Sanders are both hurt still, but on bye, so they got a good shot for week 10. Even with the depleted roster, we were surprised to see ZP pickup Josh Kelley now that he's on the text chain this year. If Tobin dropped Montgomery too we're not sure we'd go pick him up. They got the official text chain curse. THE WHITE JESUS POISON WINS!!!!!!!!! TOBIN & THE RIPPERS vs SHARON ERTZ It has been rough out here for Sharon Ertz this year. They're averaging 109 per game and still have 0 wins. Incredibly, teams have scored 1,022 points against Sharon in eight games. That's 127.75 per game, if you don't have a calculator handy. This week they face The Rippers who have been treated to just 104 per game by his opponents. We don't think Calvin plays, and Zeke has been playing like shit, so this could be SE's week. SHARON EERTZ WINS!!!!!!!!! I KNOWS PANDEMICS 👾 vs PAULS AWESOME TEAM 🚨🚨🚨C-MAC ALERT🚨🚨🚨 You guys. Watch out. IKP has two all time GOATS on the squad right now. They might not lose another game this year, for real. Doug, Russell Wilson and Christian McCaffrey are all 2-time Special Ed Champions. Nobody knows better what it takes to climb that mountaintop. I KNOWS PANDEMICS 👾 WINS!!!!!!!!! OK, guys. it's 6:39 pm, still no official inacitves, and the Pres is about to make a speech. We'll see yall on the text chain!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!