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24 DAYS TIL STAR WARS!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!! We’re counting down to Star Wars by celebrating 2019’s best Fantasy Football Players with jersey numbers under 25!!!!! Today’s Star Wars Countdown Player of The Day is: NICK CHUBB!!! The whole DYM staff are big Chubbies. We love Chubb. He’s #2 in the NFL in rushing yards this year and the best player on Special Ed The Team. In the other league, we drafted Chubb in the 9th round last year and got to keep him for this year. The Commish loved Chubb in college, so we were all over him last summer. We had to wait a long time for him last year but it was worth it! The Commish is a fantasy genius now because Chubb was maybe our best draft pick ever in that league. He’s crushing for us in that non-ppr, no-bonus league. Chas Carey tried to trade us his whole damn team for Chubb in week 10, we said HEELLLLLL NO. Chubb is our guy and he may have just punched our ticket to the postseason. We came into the week in 7th place at 6-5. This week we’ve got 131 on the board with BAL Defense and MAndrews left to go tonight. A league high score would move us all the way up to 4th, and make us the other league’s hottest team. You’re the man, Chubb. DUMPSTER DIVER OF THE WEEK: Pickle Ricks aka The Team of Destiny!!!!!!!!!!!! TOTAL MOVES: 17 (ok) PICKUP OF THE WEEK: Raheem Mostert We haven't done the Dumpster Diver award since week 6. This league is only averaging about 17 moves a week since then, which is pretty sluggish. But the bigger reason is there haven't really been any game winning pickups. Back in week 10 there were 24 moves, which is good, but most of them were defenses and kickers and none of the position players were difference makers for their teams that week. If anything we could nominate Sharon Ertz as a retroactive DDoTW for picking up Ronald Jones a few weeks ago. Ronny was a crucial piece of their huge week 12 win. But the best is when somebody can pickup a guy on Sunday morning and then start them for the win. That's exactly what Pickle Ricks pulled off this week. Fortune favors the bold so the Fantasy Gods smiled upon Fay for running Mostert out there against The Commish’s Tevin Coleman. That's a high-leverage play right there. Mostert is one of the league’s elite TD vultures and most of his TDs should be Coleman’s. Last night was the third time Mostert has outscored Coleman this year, and locked up the win for PR. They probably won’t break 100 this week, which wont help their Heat Index but believe you me, this is The 2019 Team of Destiny. They will now officially clinch the playoffs after winning 6 of the last 7 and could finish as high as 3rd place. We’re tellin you guys, THIS IS DAVE'S YEAR!!!!! He has not been in 3rd place or had 8 wins, since 2014. If he can beat Paul’s frigid ass next week it will be Fay’s winningest Special Ed season ever. There are two superstar ballers on this team, but Fay has rarely been able to start both in the same week. Thats why its so huge that they’ve locked in a playoff spot. Now they can let Mahomes and Conner get an extra week of rest so they're ready to go for week 14. Pickle Ricks could end up as the lowest scoring playoff team this year but also, somehow, the hardest team to beat.
MONDAY MATCHUPS!!!!!!!!!!!! None!!! Doug needs 30 from Cooks to beat Rob, that ain't happening. We’re probably gonna watch The Mandalorian again. We said last year that we were ready for a new favorite Star Wars in 2019, but we had no idea it was gonna be The Mandalorian. We’ve been pretty locked in on the Episode IX theories, so Mando was slightly of off our radar. But holy shit. So good.

FOOD BEEF PRESENTS: THE 2019 BAGEL TOUR PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!! SUMMIT BAGEL vs JERSEY BOY BAGELS This week we have our old-time favorite, Jersey Boy of Morristown, versus the upstart new-comer Summit Bagel. Maribeth was OUT this week so we picked up The Commish as a new guest judge. This week’s bagels: Whole wheat everything, pumpernickel, and egg Jersey Boy once again failed to impress any of the judges. All of their bagels were too dense and missed the mark on flavor: There’s too much sugar in the WWE. That sweetness is a big turnoff for Cynthia. The Commish spotted a hint of turmeric flavor and a blotchy orange color in the egg bagel. Totally bush league. Summit Bagel is good. They’re more like the “New York Style” bagel with a lot of air in the dough so you can smush them flat when they're toasted. All their bagels have good crusts, good dough, and good flavor, the egg in particular. Maulbeck named Summit’s egg bagel as the week 12 Taco Bell Bagel of The Week. The crust was crusty and the dough was very sticky but also very light. And tasyty! We had a little cream cheese shmere on that one and it was just a delight!!! Next week the Bagel Superbowl will be the grudge match of Summit Bagel vs Chatham Bagel!!! THE BATTLE FOR BROADWAY DINER!!!!!

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