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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR 2019 DEFEND YOUR MOVES AWARD WINNERS!!!!!!!!! For only the second time ever we had a TIE in the award voting. This is also the second time a D/ST has won a DYM Award. The Pats D were the unanimous pickup of the year (100% of votes), and they were clearly the most valuable fantasy player of at least the first half of the season. We even voted for them, but just because love putting logos and mascots in the awards photo.

WHOS HOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Douggy Tacos had the league's highest score in week 13. They’re the second highest scoring team over the last three weeks which puts them in the catbird seat heading into the wildcard round. The team has scored over 120 four weeks in a row which coincides with a four game hot streak for Derrick Henry. They’re the talk of the fantasy town right now, even the lame stream media is taking notice: WILDCARD PLAYOFF MATCHUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGoTW Prediction Record: 12-5 TEAM MEH vs. ALVIN & THESHITMUNKS It’s an original Special Ed member vs the upstart new guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the two least predictable teams in the league. Over the last 6 weeks they both have scored over 130 three times but both have multiple games under 100. Last week Team Meh scored 127 but lost. That’s ok cause the loss didn't affect their seeding. The other good news is Chris Carson wasn’t benched and wasn’t concussed last night (we coulda swore he was tho). So they enter the Wildcard Round at full strength and with much better matchups coming for Chubb and Golladay. They’ve also wisely stockpiled some great streaming QB options for the playoff run. If he wants to fade Deshaun he’s got Brissett vs Tampa or Wentz vs The Giants. The TheShitmunks have been completely matchup dependant this year. They have not scored over 100 points with less than 3 greenlight yahoo matchups since week 5. This week, none of their starters have greenlight matchups. Their most important players - Dak and Amari - have the worst matchups of all, going on the road to Chicago on THURSDAY. They may look to bench Drake and Odell after they choked in their revenge game against Team DYM, but we don’t think it’ll be enough. TEAM MEH WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICKLE RICKS!! vs. 🧽 BOB BITCH TITS The HOTTEST team in the league vs The Team of Destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pickle Ricks’ magic carpet ride continued in week 13. Even with a goose egg from Lockett, they still got a statement win against the former-juggernaut PAT. They’ve now won 7 of their last 8 games behind perhaps the greatest Fantasy Defense this league has ever seen. This week’s 118 was their highest score since week 9, and their Heat Index is a tepid 0.92, but their opponents always seem to score even less. Even in this highly competitive and high scoring Special Ed season it’s still much better to be lucky than good. James Conner is still injured, but last week’s pickup of the week, Raheem Mostert, came through once again. At least for one week Mostert seems to have matriculated up the Niner depth chart from the “TD Vulture” position to the full “Starting RB” role. The big question is whether Mostert will keep that job when Matt Breida returns. Breida could be back this week which would add a VERY interesting wrinkle to this playoff matchup. If Breida and Hooper play this week it’ll be just the second time since week 4 that Doug’ll have less than three 0’s on the bench. Bye week season was difficult for this team but they're rolling now. Hooper and Breida probly can’t start for them this week anyway; both have tough week 14 matchups, and all of the starters have very good ones. Plus Devante Parker is red hot, averaging 22 points per game over the last four. Doug is a two time Special Ed champion, and always one of the scariest teams to face in the post-season. We think they’ll score a buncha points again this week, but we dare not pick against the Fantasy Gods’ favorite team. PICKLE RICKS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BYE WEEK DFS SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAULS AWESOME TEAM vs. DEFEND YOUR MOVES Last year we did a little something special for the week 14 bye, and we hope it becomes an annual tradition. The league’s top two teams will faceoff in a friendly head-to-head Yahoo DFS game. The bye week is great because your guys get some rest before the most important game(s) of the year. But savvy fantasy managers know a bye week is not a week off, because there's a fine line between rest and RUST. So, in order to maintain our focus and keep our blades sharp, we’ll test our mettle against the league's top competitor. Paul might beat our ass cause we haven't played any daily fantasy this season and we know he’s been grinding all season long. Hopefully he’ll play a bunch of his AWESOME guys this week. We’ll have full coverage of this epic matchup once our lineups lock in later in the week. JARED GOFF DAYS TIL STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FOOD BEEF PRESENTS: THE BAGEL SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another successful Food Beef season came to a close last week with the Bagel Superbowl. The pre-season favorite, Chatham Bagel, went wire-to-wire and was crowned Madison-Area Bagel Champion. But the late-season competition was much stiffer than we had anticipated, and our esteemed panel of judges had a lot of tough calls to make these last few weeks. Big shout out to Cynthia, The Commish, Amari, Dave and MB for their invaluable contributions. We couldn't have done it without you guys!!! For Superbowl week we went back to full sandwich orders. We got two sandwiches from each shop: one whole wheat everything with Taylor ham, egg, and cheese; and one poppy with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, and capers. Most judges preferred Summit’s WWE sandwich. Although they have a bigger hole, the dough is much darker and richer with less sugar. Chatham’s lox sandwich on poppy was the highest scored sandwich overall. The lox and tomatoes were just as soft as the dough making for a satisfyingly consistent texture. In the end the real winner of the bagel tour was The DYM household. We found two perfectly cromulent bagel spots in our neighborhood that we’ll enjoy for years to come. Chatham Bagel and Summit Bagel are also the area’s newest bagel spots so the future is looking bright for all the bagel eaters of eastern Morris County. BAGEL SUPERBOWL FINAL SCORES: CHATHAM 9.025 SUMMIT 8.975 HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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