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DUMPSTER DIVER OF THE WEEK: Tacos! Picked up: Matt Breida

Dropped: Jerrick McKinnon
Nowadays most people don’t draft “hand-cuffs”. Since this league doesn’t fuck with waivers (great rule, Commish!) there’s a very fun little game where whenever a starting RB gets injured, everybody races against each other to pick up the team’s #2 RB. So, Congratulations to Paul, you are the season’s first Hand-Cuff Sweepstakes winner.
It’s fun but often inconsequential. And DYM says Alf Morris is fool’s gold. He’s exactly the kind of player Paul always goes for and we generally don’t. Like it's crazy to us that Paul drafted Carlos Hyde in the 7th and Duke Johnson is a free agent.

Here's the deal: Jerrick Mckinnon is a world-class athlete. ( He’s the only current NFL player with a higher SPARQ score than Saquon ) He had upside that negated a lot of the red-flags around the Niners. We can no longer ignore the fact that this is a team with a bad defense that will be passing a lot more than running; Nor that Kyle Shanahan’s RB usage is notoriously frustrating for fantasy. This situation is RIPE for Shanahanigans.

Folks, every team lists a depth chart. It’s not hard to know who every “starting RB” is. But, hand-cuffs are not always what they seem and the easy move is not always the right move.
MASTER YODA SAYS: The Fantasy Points flow from the pass-catching RB. Beware the veteran backup: The hand-cuff, the training camp pick-up, the one year contract -- Easily they are picked up, quick to plug-and-play. But once you begin dumpster-diving forever will it dominate your path. Consume you it will. LUKE: But Alf started in pre-season, why wouldn’t he— YODA: No! There is no why! The more predictable and consistent role has Breida.

Nothing more will I teach you today. Clear your mind of questions.

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