WELCOME TO SPECIAL ED RIVALRY WEEK 2018!!! This week and week 13 feature two of Special Ed’s greatest rivalries: The Champ Rob Schwartz faces off with Former Philly Friend Jeff Ertz; and The Commish meets in THE CLASH AT THE CREEK™!!! Total Moves This Week: 19 (GREAT JOB!) Dumpster Diver of the Week: (10 moves!) As of today DYM has made 40% of the total moves in the league this year and only half the league is averaging more than 1 move per week. We understand that a lot of people don’t want to make moves too early - because things can change quickly in the NFL and you’re probably right not to make decisions based on small sample sizes. Another factor here is that scoring has been pretty high and pretty evenly distributed across the league so far. Everybody probably feels like at least one of the last two weeks weren’t that bad - All 9 of the actual teams in this league have scored over 110 at least once. You all might see your glasses as half full coming into week 3 but DYM DOES NOT!!! We know that in fantasy this sort of optimism breeds complacency and an intransigent roster will not improve on its own. We know that 6 different teams have Officially SUCKED in the last two weeks and another two teams are total disgraces who can’t set a fucking lineup. That leaves only The Commish and Team Meh as having ostensibly “good” teams; And it just so happens that Chris is 2nd in total moves and his best player was undrafted. So there ya go. Now let's step inside the Jedi Temple to seek guidance from the Master of the RB Committee – MASTER YODA’S RBBC PICKUP OF THE WEEK Phillip Lindsay and Austin Ekeler - Yoda’s RB pick-ups of the week they are. Judge them not by their size. Speed, quickness, elusiveness, these are the keys to today’s game. Harder to tackle is the shorter RB, explosive in the open field. Small their number of touches is, but powerful their points-per-touch will be. When a committee arises, seek the smaller pass-catching RB we must. In Denver, a better runner that Freeman is Lindsay. Both rookies they are, so committed to either of them the team is not. A non-factor Booker is, but know this we did since benched for CJ Anderson was Booker last year. Most importantly, yet to catch a pass is Freeman. The future we have seen, and Lindsay it is. In San Diego, Challenge for the "starting role” Ekeler will not. But Gordon’s hand-cuff we do not seek, stand-alone value has Ekeler as a part-time player. An aggressive offense are the Chargers. Like to pass they do. And the pass-catching RB Ekeler is. Succeeded in this role Danny Woodhead did and even better Ekeler may be. Another role he has as well: Keep Gordon healthy and rested they will; so when the chargers lead late in a game, Ekeler it will be running out the clock, not Gordon. Powerful Gordon is but, a role-based committee this backfield remains. SPECIAL ED RIVALRY WEEK MATCHUPS!!! AGotW Prediction Record: 2-0 In THE PHILLY SPECIAL match-up we liked Rob’s RB’s better before week one, but with Founette banged up and DJ underutilized we give the RB advantage to Ertz. Ertz also has the better defense match-up and even a garbage receiver like Crabtree is a better flex than a dolphin. But with Diggs playing the hapless Bills at home and Mahommes being totally unstoppable, we see Rob coming away with the W. Randal Cummingham – 120.05 iQue Lastima! – 115.23 THE CLASH AT THE CREEK™ is the most storied rivalry in all of Special Ed. The all-time series is now tied at 6-6. The commish won the first six meetings between 2011-2014. Many of you will remember 2014 as DYM’s dumpster-diving masterpiece where we began 0-3 then rode undrafted workhorses CJ Anderson and Justin Forsett all the way to the Special Ed Championship. After that we never looked back. DYM has defeated The Commish 6 times in a row since 2014 and that victory never gets any less sweet. It’s our most coveted victory of the year. But Saquon’s team is awfully hot right now, so this may be our toughest CLASH AT THE CREEK in the last few years. The Commish is projected to out-score us at every position except RB, although that may be the commish’s strongest position. With James Conner in the fold, his RBs might even be better than ours overall, but they all face tougher match-ups. We’ll be looking for some Fitzmagic Monday night to put us over the top. You gotta watch these guys' body language. We've studied Fitz carefully and he seems confident to us. – 124.90 In Saquon We Trust – 123.45 NONRIVALRY MATCHUPS WE KNOWS FOOTBALLS? Vs. [redacted] Two injury riddled teams limp into week 3. Doug will be hard pressed to avoid another trip to the Hall of Shame. WE KNOWS FOOTBALLS WINS!!! POLK HIGH PANTHERS vs. TEAM MEH Two of the hottest teams and the week's highest projected point total. This might have even been Game of the Week worthy were it not a match-up of former dolphin RBs. yuck. TEAM MEH WINS!!! UPSET SPECIAL GOLDEN RICHARDS vs GENTRIFIERS Yahoo thinks this one will be a blow-out for GR but we’re not so sure. Juju kicked ass last week with Antonio hobbled with a calf injury. Also, Kyle Rudolph faces the Bills, and Master Yoda LOVES Bilal Powell tonight against a tough Cleveland defense that should force Darnold into a lot of dump off passes. GENTRIFIERS WINS!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!!!