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WHAT'S UP SPECIAL ED?! Welcome to the 2019 Season! It's Labor Sunday and we got some drinking to do, so lets get right down to business: LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICAS GAME OF THE WEEK: DEFENDYOURMOVES.COM vs BRING IT ON HOME! AGotW Prediction Record: 0-0 Draft Review:

Last year, the Special Ed League was in turmoil. We were ruled over by a sinister New-Guy-Eagles-Fan Champion, and we were shamed weekly by the presence of [REDACTED]. Then, from seemingly nowhere, a new hero emerged. He who had been in dead last just two years prior rose to the highest heights of the Special Ed standings. Our New Hero McCaffrey, and his band of upstart pass-catching RBs claimed a second Special Ed championship for DYM. But another challenge still awaits. A new evil has emerged in the 2019 Special Ed league, and our hero Officially has a new RIVAL for this season - KYLO MURRAY Now McCaffrey must seek guidance from the greatest Jedi Pass-Catching RB of all time - The DYM Legend - Master Duke Johnson. Lost for years in the wild-space of Cleveland, a path to Duke has finally been found and now there is at last a spark of Hope once again for our heroes.
Bring It On Home Draft Review: Credit where credit's due: this is a good squad. The problem is he took a bunch of Our Guys right one pick before us. We liked Mixon, we liked Keenan (thats OUR GUY!!!!), and we LOVED Kyler Murray. So - Welcome to the League, Andy, I hate you now. The rest of you guys should be very worried about Matt's auto-draft monstrosity (more on that later), this motherfucker's mine. You're going down, Andy. DRAFT GRADE: Goddamnit SUGGESTED TEAM NAME: KYLO MURRAY Prediction: DYM WINS! Sharon Ertz vs Alvin & the Shitmucks Sharon Ertz Draft Review:

First off, we gotta say this was a GREAT team name change here for Rob. A very fitting homage to our lost-but-not-forgotten friend, and his shit-head brother-in-law. Homerism is a long-standing Special Ed tradition. For the first time, Rob is now our league's only Eagles fan. He may have been surprised to find how much more affordable Philly players are this year, but he capitalized on that market-shift and got Wentz, Ertz and the Defense at great values.

The rest of the squad has a lot of upside, including two potentially elite RBs.

Picking both DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel at good value was a sneaky move that we actually like a lot. They both could be good, but this is a situation that can create some roster-flexibility down the rad since he doesnt have to start either of them. Draft Grade: Good Job
Suggested Team Name: [none]
Alvin & TheShitmunks Draft Review:

The new-look-RC's first opponent is Fox News's Mike Tobin. Tobin Resisted the Giants' clarion call and even rostered a Cowboys Stack. This counter-homerist strategy DID NOT work out well for Matt last year as his Patriots-heavy squad left him with a destitute keeper situation.

Honestly we would never do this sort of thing. Even the most casual DYM reader knows the entire staff here are Bills fans and therefore we have an iron-clad NO DOLPHINS policy in fantasy that even extends to all former dolphins (like your boy Damien Williams). Draft Grade: Cursed
Suggested Team Name: THE BOYDS ARE BACK IN TOWN Prediction: SHARON ERTZ WINS! Polk High Panthers vs Team Meh Polk High Panthers Draft Review:

The most interesting team in the league this year is none other than The Polk High Panthers. Matt was beside himself early on draft night when he lost all internet service, cause he lives in a yurt in the woods in Canada, woops I mean Vermont. He let Jesus take the wheel and came out with one of the best auto-draft teams we've even seen in this league. Auto-draft once gave us three defenses. That sort of thing's usually not helpful, but when it's the potential #1,2, and 3 TE's (and you can start two of em) that's not a bad problem to have. Add to that the potential #1 WR, plus the consensus #1 D and K, and you've got a VERY formidable squad. We're scared to be honest. Draft Grade: Holy Shit
Suggested Team Name: I LOVE YOU MILES
Team Meh Draft Review:

Mike Stanley is a tried-and-true Western PA homer. He can be counted on to draft Big Ben and Pitt D every single year, plus as many other Steelers and former PSU Nittany Lions as he can get his hands on.

That being said, he has now picked up Adrien Peterson, and he brought back his top WRs from last year, Mike Thomas and Thielen (yuck). This team was very good for the first half of last year so tyring to run-it-back is a strategy we definitely respect cause it's not that easy to do. Draft Grade: Good Luck With All of That
Suggested Team Name : DONT FORSETT TO BRING A TOWEL Prediction: PHP WINS! In Saquon We Trust vs 3 - 28
In Saquon We Trust Draft Review:

The Commish had to be slightly intimidated drafting after Andy and ourselves, he's kinda scared of both of us this year and we both must have seemed fairly unpredictable.

But he got peace of mind in having his favorite player of all time locked-in as a keeper. From there he just leaned heavily on that homer's crutch - drafting three current or former Falcons and another Nittany Lion.

We don't love his WRs but we do think the Falcons are gonna be hot and Saquon is Saquon so The Commish is still in it to win it entering 2019. Draft Grade: Not Bad
Suggested Team Name: DEATH BY 1000 LUTZ
3 - 28 Draft Review:

No one needs a team name/profile pic upgrade worse that Paul. 3-28 was funny like a couple years ago. Chris doesn't even care anymore. And just so the new guys know- DYM doesn't play with any of the racism shit. We're trying to be funny here, and that shit isn't funny. Anyway. We like Leonard Fournette this year. Draft Grade : Change Your Profile Pic
Suggested Team Name: RESPEC YO RUSSELLS Prediction: THE COMMISH WINS! Pickle Ricks!! vs 🎅🏻 ho ... ho ... ho 🕍 Pickle Ricks!! Draft Review:

We're calling it now: Dave's trade for Mahomes last year was The Best Trade in Special Ed history. Just incredibly serendipitous timing in his part.

Mahomes gives him a huge advantage, and we LOVE James Conner. JC is like Lance Armstrong in here. He completely reconstructed his body after he beat the cancer. He's a miracle of medical science and there's a 1000% chance he was HGH'd the fuck out last off-season. Pitt's O-line is still among the very best so it is wheels up for JC this year. Elsewhere, this team still might be thin at WR and RB although we love the upside potential this year for Montgomergy Moose and Our Guy Tyler Lockett. Draft Grade: Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty Good
🎅🏻 ho ... ho ... ho 🕍 Draft Review:

In our Keepers Preview article last month we predicted that the presence of keepers will make for some unonventional draft-strategies. Even though we were expecting the unexpected, Doug really surprised us by going with a modified 0-RB strategy from the #1 pick slot. After keeping Hopkins he went back for Devante Adams, Brandin Cooks, and TY Hilton within the first 4 picks. Now, normally we're not big on Cooks or TY, but having them as your #3 and 4 WRs is very attractive. The same goes for AJ Green, who we would never have drafted this year, but Doug is better prepared than anyone to absorb that risk.

Likewise we don't love Rodgers or Brees this year. But he's got both so that might be a good thing(?).

Derrick Henry is a sneaky high-upside guy as the RB1 if he can pick up where he left off last year. Really not bad overall. Draft Grade: OK,OK, I See You, Doggy.

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