DEFEND YOUR MOVES 2019 WEEK 10!!!!!!!!!!

WHOS HOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The Commish lost last week but stayed red HOT coming into the crucial Playoff Run. He might need to win all the last four games and a tie breaker, but the path is still there. We can confidently say there is still a non-zero chance The Commish makes the Playoffs. Chris’ team is still the hottest in the league. In fact, it's the only one of the bottom five teams that’s even warm right now. Plus he’s already got the score advantage on all of them except Doug. And if he’s gonna win two more games than Doug down the stretch, he should easily take that tie breaker as well. That means week 10 is a must-win for The Commish AND for everyone vying against him for that last playoff spot. WEEK 10 IS CRUNCHTIME!!!!!!!!!! ONLY 4 GAMES LEFT TIL THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!! MUST WINS!!!!!!!!!! TRADE DEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!! Every year we tell ourselves you need 7 wins to make the playoffs. So that's how we always think about the standings and about our own season, it's not really about what place you're in but how you're gonna get to 7 wins. That's what we were thinking when we laid out the league tiers last week - we assumed the bottom tier teams were one loss away from elimination. Those teams all lost in week 9, so this week we were planning on writing a special piece this week to highlight all the teams that are now DONE FOR entering week 10. But when we opened the scrolls of Special Ed History, we made a surprising discovery: There’s been an under-.500 team in the playoffs in seven of the last eight seasons. In 2013 there were two 6-7 teams in the playoffs because Doug just ran roughshod over the league that year and went 12-1; obviously that scenario is very much in play again this year. UNDER .500 PLAYOFF TEAMS: 2018 doug 5 wins 2017 doug 6 wins 2015 paul 6 wins 2014 mike 6 wins 2013 paul & matt 6 Matt is really the only one facing elimination this week as 5-8 is the worst record to ever make the playoffs. Andy and The Commish each have 7 losses, so they want to win all of their next four. Doug and Rob have 5 losses, and are playing like shit, so they're in the mix as well. These bottom 5 teams are all STILL IN IT because none of them are playing each other this week. The bad news for this week is they all have tough matchups against a top five team. But the good news is that anything can happen in week 10 because there are 6 teams on bye and this is SPECIAL ED RIVALRY WEEK!!!!!!!!!! YES, Party People, week 10 is Rivalry Week in this here 10-team league. These last few weeks are like “divisional” games cause we’re playing the same teams we played back in weeks 1-4. Familiarity breeds contempt and 5 teams are fighting for their lives, so every one of these games could be a real slobber-knocker. That's why DYM is putting it all on the line too, giving ALL FIVE games the Game of the Week treatment. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!! AGoTW Prediction Record: 7-2 PAULS AWESOME TEAM v THE COMMISH The Commish has only won twice all year but one of those was over the mighty PAT. Amazingly, it looks like The Commish has the advantage here in week 10 as well. Paul has two of his RBs on bye so he’ll have to depend on the hotness of two rookies, Singletary and DK. He also has a tough choice to make at Defense. Anyone dropped from this team would instantly become The Pickup of Week 11. Would he take the SHAMEFUL zero in order to preserve him stacked bench??? Time will tell… The Commish is miraculously at full strength during this the very worst of all bye weeks. He’s going to start a 4 RB lineup which is always terrifying to play against. The Commish stays hot here and grinds out another W. THE COMMISH WINS!!!!!!!!!! DYM v BRING IT ON HOME THE SAGA COMES TO AN END We felt Andy’s awakening during the draft. And we have forseen that he will become a powerful fantasy player one day. This eighth loss will put an end to Andy’s playoff hopes, if there are any still left. Andy's guys have 3 greenlight matchups but two of them are Thursday, so that’s not great. This will also be the first time Andy is starting Hollywood Brown and Kylo Murray together. Those are our two favorite players on this team, they could bring a spark to this lineup, but we're not sure they’ve had enough time to build that team chemistry. We have a lot of action thursday and none on Monday so at least this one’ll ve done early, which is always nice. DEFEND YOUR MOVES WINS!!!!!!!!!!! PICKLE RICKS vs DOUGGY TACOS Doug is reeling from the news that AJ Green, his trusty reliable WR1, is done for the year. He’s also got Hopkins on bye so he’ll be forced to start a former Dolphin AND a current Dolphin. Lev Bell and Davante are questionable as well. Losing either of them would out this team in a REAL PICKLE. Get it. Dave weathered the storm and gets Mahomes back no worse for wear. The bigger problem is James Conner is bot gonna play and Carlos Hyde is on bye. This roster is plenty flexible (with 3 QBs) the question is who to pick up? Would he dare start both Chicago RBs vs Detroit? Or scoop up another of Yoda’s favorite padawans - Nyheim Hines vs Miami? Either way we think Fay pulls out a low scoring win. PICKLE RICKS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM MEH vs PHP Matts got a few tasty matchups and Kelce could go off with Mahomes back in the fold. If Theilen doesn't go then Matt might have a chance. Maybe. TEAM MEH WINS!!!!!!!!!!! SHARON ERTZ vs ALVIN & THESHITMUNKS Rob’s team is an absolute train wreck. They are now averaging about an injury per week. 10 of their 14 drafted players are either injured or dropped coming into week 10. Even with DJ back in the lineup they still can't even muster 90 projected points. Tobin, on the other hand, is at full strength with NO byes and NO injuries, and he’s HOT!!! Tobin will cruise into the playoffs from here. ALVIN & THESHITMUNKS WINS!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!