FOOD BEEF 2018!!!!! Food Beef is Beef with Food but not Beef the Food It’s lunch time in Special Ed Nation. The people are hungry and they don’t know what to eat. For the past six weeks the fine folks of this league have been eating mediocre fare at midday. Some are having their fifth PB&J this week, some are settling for a half-a-sandwich from Panera, or perhaps some are doing a no-carb thing so they just roll a slice of turkey and a slice of cheese together into a little tube and dunk it in a jar of mayo. The DYM editorial staff is having a salad for lunch today. Can you believe that shit?! A SALAD! A goddamn salad with garbanzo beans and cucumbers. It's utterly flavorless and not filling. Well ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! DYM is tired of weak lunches! we DEMAND a better sandwich and we will NOT BE DENIED! Food Beef is BACK by popular demand!!!!! We’ll be SPICING UP the second half of the season with a local sandwich competition!!! We’ve carefully selected the consensus top 8 ranked sandwich spots in the Madison NJ metro area. Some are well-known BANGIN delis and some are new places we’ve been dying to try. We will visit one deli every weekend from now until the first weekend of December. In week 15, the finalists will be chosen to face off in the FOOD BEEF PLAYOFFS. Then The SANDWICH CHAMPION will be crowned ahead of the Special Ed Superbowl in week 16. FOOD BEEF 2018 SANDWICH TOUR Rules: All Delis must be located within 4 miles of the DYM Home Office in Madison, NJ All Delis must have a MINIMUM 4-Star ranking on Yelp.com Local spots only (no chains/franchises) Delis only (No sit-down service, no pizza, no BBQ, no ethnic specialties) No Delivery (We will enter each Deli in person at lunchtime) Judging will be based upon a one sandwich order (We will order one sandwich we like*, or a house-specialty sandwich, and we may also have a bite of Cynthia’s and Amari’s sandwiches too) *Sandwiches we like: Italian Sub Chicken salad with bacon and hot peppers Pastrami on rye Corned Beef on rye Reuben FOOD BEEF 2018 SANDWICH TOUR Schedule: WEEK 7: Slamwich Scratch Kitchen WEEK 8: Mimi’s Delicatessen WEEK 9: CJ’s Deli WEEK 10: Fratelli’s Deli WEEK 11: Hickory Tree Delicatessen WEEK 12: Chatham Sandwich Shop WEEK 13: Green Village Deli WEEK 14: Pascarella Brothers WOOOOOO!!!!!! Our mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! Really looking forward to Slamwich right now. Good luck to them! They’re up first and will have to contend with INCREDIBLY high expectations cause we’re probably not gonna think about anything else for the next 24 hours. HAVE A GREAT LUNCH EVERYBODY!!!!!!!