What’s up everybody? One episode left, let’s get this over with. This was the highest scoring week of the season for sure. We counted 6 names off the list this week, but we’re really not sure about a few others. When Arya was leaving the scene everybody on that street was ashes. It seemed like everybody inside the walls should be dead, but Arya obviously isn’t, so we’re not sure. Take this week’s scoreboard with a grain of salt, there may be stat corrections coming along with next week’s final scores. Along with Arya, everybody that stayed up North is assumed to still be alive. Anybody else that fought in last week’s battle might could be dead already. Then there’s a few of these guys that we haven’t seen for a minute (Yara, Bronn), they’re probably alive, but who knows. We’ve got a lot of nits to pick in this episode (why did Dany even need an army? What happened to Cercei’s prophecy? The Mountain is making choices now? Is he still a zombie or not?). But we’re not even that mad about it anymore. After everything that happened (or didn’t happen) the last two seasons, our expectations are just a lot lower now. We went ahead and watched the trailer for Ep 6 to get some clues about what all actually happened in ep 5. And it didn’t really help: Daenerys, Arya and Tyrion are the only main characters we see in the trailer. So Jon Snow, Grey Worm, Bronn and Yara are all officially MIA. Apparently a shit load of Unsullied and Dothraki are still alive which seems impossible. I’m not trying to be the continuity police, but most of those guys died two weeks ago and a LOT of em had to have got burned too right? Whatever. Here’s the preliminary week 5 results: Definitely Dead: Cercei Jamie Euron The Hound The Mountain Varys Could be Dead? Jon Snow Grey Worm Where are you guys? Yara Greyjoy Bronn Probly Alive: Sansa Bran Samwell Gilly Baby Sam Brienne Podrick Davos Tormund Gendry Confirmed Alive: Arya Daenerys Tyrion Valar Morghulis, everybody! For real this time.