CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2020 DYM AWARD WINNERS!!!!!!! This is the first DYM Award for all three of this year's recipients. FOOD BEEF HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!!! Some of the key Food Beef judges have declared themselves "tired of Chinese food" this week, so we're pushing the Playoff Smorgasbord back a week. Christmas is next Friday, so that'll also allow us to uphold the ancient Jewish tradition of Christmas Day Chinese Food. The Bills are playing today so of course we've got wings on the Home Office menu, but since we're also getting into the dog-days of the Holiday Season, we busted out an old family favorite - THE TRIPLE POPCORN BUCKET This year's bucket features white cheddar, which was a pleasant surprise and huge improvement over the usual orange cheese style. The orange cheese popcorn is always is our least favorite, but white cheddar is really not bad. Food Beef's official Holiday Popcorn Ranking for 2020: 1 - REGULAR BUTTER POPCORN 2 - WHITE CHEDDAR POPCORN 3 - CARAMEL POPCORN HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!