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Welcome to DYM off-season voluntary OTA satellite mini-camp!!!!

You guys ready for summer or what?? Man, I can't wait! It's like 85 degrees in NJ today and I can't wait for the weekend. This is gonna be a sloooow work day.

What we NORMALLY like to do on a day like today is take a peak at the archives of the Special Ed message board and check out some of the funny gifs I posted. But if you go there now you won't see any funny gifs.

And you won't see any jpgs either, no pngs, no tiffs, and no bmps. NO IMAGES AT ALL!! And no polls.

Check this shit out:

In a shocking turn of events, it seems that all images from archived message boards have in fact been removed.

Just this week the league site opened for the upcoming season. Just as we had feared, the "add image" button has also been removed from the message board posting module. unreal. We sent the DYM investigative reporting team to get to the bottom of this.

Sources close to Yahoo! Fantasy have recently confirmed to DYM that all fantasy league message boards no longer support images. It's fucking true.

We were told to express our discontent with the company via the proper channels. We ablidged of course:

Our sources have also told us, most unhelpfully, that "you can post a link to an image".

DYM was born on the special Ed league message board. But times have changed. In Trump's America, if you want something done you do it your fucking self. So it is with a heavy heart that we announce that DYM will be leaving the message board, our ancestral homeland. is now the official home of defend your moves. will be the EXCLUSIVE home of all future DEFEND YOUR MOVES content including: food beef, Special Ed power rankings, wire episode recaps, kicking expert critique, WNBA FanDuel LOCKS (??) AND MORE!!!!!


Earlier this year we started twittering at @defendyourmoves just to kill some time and keep our blades sharp in the off-season. But now, without the Yahoo app supporting us, we will need it more than ever

Get at me, Special Ed! Leave a comment right here or DM me for early trade feelers.

And FOLLOW @DEFENDYOURMOVES it's the best fucking thing on twitter


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