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Just thought we should let you guys know that we lost all the league money betting on The Bills and Ravens the last two weeks. Obviously the Bills loss was pretty tough on the whole DYM Household, but losing our Ravens Superbowl futures felt like a way worse beat.

The crazy thing is we almost coulda got it all back on Sunday:

It was a beautiful day so we took a little woodsy hike along with the Pickle Rick Family. We were commiserating with PR about our losses when he clued us in to a +350 Texans moneyline. Interesting. We checked the ol‘ Faduel app just moments before kickoff and saw the line had gone up to +380 so we SMASHED it.

Houston was up 14-0 by the time we hiked back to the car. High-fives all around.

Then we got home just in time to see the chipshot Ka’imi field goal making it 24-0. “holy shit,” we said, “it‘s daydrinkin time!!”

We went to the kitchen to whip up some cocktails and swaggered back into the TV room just before halftime.

The screen read Houston 24 - KC 27.

“HOLY SHIT!!” we said. And then it really was daydrinkin time. By the start of the 2nd half our gin and tonics were salty from all the tears. We thought about switching to margaritas but we just didn’t feel like celebrating anymore.

Later on Sunday night we promised Cynthia that we’ll never bet on sports again, which is becoming an annual tradition.

You just know we’re gonna be back for Superbowl props tho.


But life’s not all bad, we got some good news this week too - KYRIE’S BACK!!!

Our Nets went on a 2-game winning streak this week after losing 8 of the last 10 non-Kyrie games. He‘s gonna have these guys on pace for a 40 win season in no time. But first, Our Guy had to come through here for a special off-season Woke Wednesday because his favorite movie of 2019 just got nominated for ALL THE OSCARS.


Joker was my shit. Best movie of the year. Fuck Star Wars, fuck Frozen, fuck that brad pitt race car shit. Joker, motherfuckers. JOKER!!! Fuckin loved Joker.

Remember back before Joker came out and people were scared their theater was gonna get shot up by a ”copy cat”? But then it turned out the movie was mostly about a guy with a shitty job who takes care of his mom and talks to a therapist. I mean thats pretty much the same shit I’ve been doing since I moved back to Jersey, so.

If you think about it, maybe more of us SHOULD be copycat Jokers, nah mean?

Maybe the world’d be a better place if there was more Jokers out there giving their moms baths and shit.

Joker is about a dude with strong anti-establishment beliefs and occasionally unsociable behavior,,, we can relate,,, But everybody already knows the joker is a crazy person. This movie is the origin story. They gotta tell us WHY the joker is crazy. There are some red-herrings along the way: his mom is crazy, he’s anxious, his job is stressful, the government cut his social service, he‘s unloved.

But the twist that went over every lamestreammedia movie critic’s head is that this is REALLY a movie about Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Joaquin Phoenix has a “condition” where he laughs uncontrollably at inopportune times. He carries this card around with him to show people so they won’t kick his ass. Usually they still kick his ass anyway. The important thing about this card is that although the wording is pretty vague (“people with a brain injury or certain neurological conditions“), the film later reveals that he did in fact sustain a massive head injury as a child and THATS the real reason why he’s the craziest fuckin looney toon in the history of comic book characters.

The question Joker asks us to consider is: what happens when TBI patients are celebrated for their psychoses? Every NFL fan needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves “What would you do if Ray Lewis went on Stephen Colbert‘s show and just murked him out? Would we fear him? Or would he become the people’s champion like the Clown Prince of Crime? Our society is rudderless, but if a crazy enough leader appeared, would we follow them into madness???

So the cultural commentary in that subtext is pretty scathing. Way more poignant than Will Smith‘s concussions joint. Joker boldly posits that mental health issues not only effect the patient, but they effect our whole community.

Thats because every individual person’s mind is connected to all others through the Universal Consciousness. Our very mental faculties are a product of the collective power of all human minds. That means that whenever any individual’s mind is compromised, whether by demons or by traumatic injury, everyone else around them is necessarily impacted as well. That is the message at the heart of Joker:

Just one Traumatic Brain Injury could send our entire society spiraling into chaos.

When that day comes, we’re not gonna need some friendly African doctor, we‘re gonna need Batman.





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