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What’s up Special Ed? Man, rough day yesterday huh? But it’s Tuesday now and that’s one day closer to Sunday. I'm already feeling like the weekend can't come soon enough.

Nothing's really that funny this week. Except the refs giftwrapped a game for the Bills, that was nice. Bills Mafia was in danger of entering October without our hallmark irrational optimism. I swear no team is better in September and worse in December than the Bills. This year they don't play the Pats until week 13, which is just long enough for Bellichick to get this defense turned around. No way they stay this bad for long. But the bills have played two very good games in a row, even if they shoudn't have both been wins. And it would be very Bills of them to make the playoffs in the year they were supposed to tank. They would fuck up at trying to fuck up, wouldn't they? They have the Chiefs first round pick too, so the draft is kinda fucked anyway.

I hate going to work on Monday before my fantasy matchups are decided. It’s nerve racking. Really hard to get any work done. Monday’s are obviously the worst, but especially when you’re best fantasy guys play on Monday Night.

I go in these meetings and people are talking about work stuff like they don’t even care that Kareem Hunt is gonna play tonight. Nobody even had any takes on the Vikings or Seahawks RB situations. Just work, work, work. All I wanna do is get back to my desk and watch these Tyrod gifs.


Couple thoughts about the late great Tom Petty

We saw Tom Petty in concert once. He was very impressive. The fact is many musical acts just sound much better on record than they do live, especially older guys. Not Tom Petty. The dude was a fucking machine. Normally, our favorite concerts are when we get to see guys jam out and do some different renditions of songs we know and love. But Tom Petty was impressive in a completely different way. He sounded EXACTLY the same as he did on record. It was just technical precision. He knew those songs by heart and he fucking nailed em.

I don’t remember the first time I ever heard to Tom Petty, he’s just always been pretty obiquitous. But I definitely remember the first time I thought he was cool.

When we were in middle school there were some kids who’s moms didn’t love me hanging around their kids. So when there was a kid my mom didn’t want me to hang out with I knew that kid was gonna be a real fucking savage. So we had this new kid moved to the neighborhood who was my same age, but his parents were divorced and he used to live in New York City and his name was Damian so my mom wanted no parts of him being my friend. (I saw him not that long ago, he was like “why’d your mom hate me, man?” and I was like “yea, I don’t know. Sorry dude”) Anyway, it turned out Damian was a very cool kid who knew all about what music was cool and which movies had titties in them. One day he made me a cassette mixtape of some cool music I didn't know about. It was mostly like album cuts of Beastie Boys and Tribe Called Quest but there was this one rock song that went HARD.

I was like damn what the fuck is that, and the paper said Tom Petty. I didn't even know he really rocked like that. To this day, Runnin Down a Dream is one my rockingest songs of all time, and it always takes me back.

That might be the closest thing anybody’s gonna say to “Tom Petty changed my life”. I mean, Refugee isn’t really about refugees. It's literally about a chick that doesn’t wanna smash, but he’s screaming about “EVERYBODYS GOTTA FIGHT TO BE FREE”. There’s been a lotta white guys who play guitar and sing bumbaclot love songs but that generation had a few, like Petty, Billy Joel, or Springsteen who could sing a song that’s ostensibly about nothing but make it an anthem just cause they really sound like they MEAN it. That’s why I love Petty, cause he just rocks out these songs like as if he’s singing about something he really cares about; even though they’re all songs about trying to bang and smoking weed.




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