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DYM is traveling to the Meadowlands tonight to burn our retinas off with COLOR RUSH!!!!!!!!! This is the first time in a long time we’ve been to a live NFL game and had no fantasy action going on. We went to another color rush jets v bills a couple years ago, but I’m pretty sure we owned Watkins and played a lot of NBA fanduel for no reason. But tonight we stay focused. I’m gonna be such a real Football fan, like I’m gonna watch the secondary formations so much, gonna see like all the substitutions. Fuckin gonna be so sick, you guys.

Total Moves this Week: 26

Dumpster Diver of the Week: Golden Richards – 7 moves

That 81 point stink fest last week has got the GRs in panic mode. 7 moves in 7 days is a lot for an ostensibly successful 6-2 squad. I mean, Josh Gordon? Thats a pure desperation move. I would know. But they churned the lineup thoroughly and in the process this team became much more DYM friendly.

They took their time selecting this week’s streaming Defense and Kicker, bringing in 2 of each before settling on Buffalo and Matt Prater. That's good, Fantasy roster management is not just about the "highest scoring players", you gotta manage the personalities too. Gotta get the right kind of guys, your guys, in the locker room. Gotta get new guys some practice reps too, tho. you don’t want to just run a new pickup out there on gameday before letting him get acclimated to his new surroundings. Makes it easier on the player and also goes a long way toward building team chemistry. Sure these guys are professionals and we expect them to bring their A-Game every week regardless of the circumstances but good managers know you can’t just ignore the human element.

They also reclaimed prodigal rookie WR Corey Davis, he might be hard to trust as a starter this week, but he built some familiarity with the team earlier in the year, and they CANT be starting Jarvis Landry again. Can they?

Two players dropped by GR will start for other teams this week: Marvin Jones Jr. has found a home with ¡Que Lástima! and The Great Justin Tucker returns home to the W-Words. These were both very questionable drops. MJJ is better than Jarvis Landry and Tucker is the fucking GOAT, I don’t know how anybody could ever drop that guy.

They also now have only 1 TE and 1 QB, as you all should. This team could be in store for a big bounce-back week because dropping Kirk Cousins is absolutely exhilarating.

WHOS HOT?????????


NFL Trade Deadline - Fantasy Fallout

Most seasons the NFL trade deadline passes without much fanfare. The Special Ed trade deadline is Week 10 Sunday, that’s usually a much bigger deal. But this year there has yet to be a trade in Special Ed and our move volume is still a bit down. I’m not really expecting a ton of moves next week before the deadline. So if you guys aren’t gonna shake things up, it seems the NFL is more than happy to shake itself for ya. Let’s break it down:

Kelvin Benjamin to Buffalo:

Winners – Commish, Doug, W.Walkers

Loser – (none)

Buffalo and Carolina are both teams that have said they want to run the ball more in the second half of the season. But they are also teams with only 1 good receiver, so that guy is gonna get a lot of targets. Deandre Hopkins has been on some “run-heavy” teams and still got 12+ targets a game. That could definitely be in play for either Devin Funchess or Kelvin Benjamin going forward.

Benjamin was already having a nice season, and might not do a lot tonight, so it doesn’t change the landscape too much for -10 Yards, but the upgrade for Funchess should be immediate. This is huge for The Commish, was in desperate need of WR upgrade and this might just do the trick.

Jay Ajayi to Philly:

Winner – Golden Richards (maybe)

Loser - ¡QL!

Hard to say if this is an upgrade for Ajayi. In general I’d say it’s better to have players that are on good offenses, and the Eagles are waaaaay better than the Dolphins. But he was a workhorse in Miami, and I don’t think we really know if The Eagles want to play him, or any RB, like that. Doug Pederson hasn’t been an NFL coach for long, but he has never established a 3 down back in Philly. We’ll see what he does with Ajayi. Either way this makes Blount much less fantasy useful. Jeff was hitting the Blount pretty hard this season, he’ll have to dud that out now.

Marcel Darreus to Jacksonville:

Winner – DYM

Loser – (none)

Jax Defense was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2017 Special Ed League draft, and they are still the #1 fantasy defense by a healthy margin. Marcel Darreus had about 1500 sacks while Doug Marrone was coach of the Bills, so this could be a league winner for the DYM squad.

Garroppolo to SF:

Winner – Commish

Loser - DYM

This is definitely an upgrade for Garçon, whenever Jimmy gets the start (may not be a factor until the fantasy playoffs). The loser is me because I have to figure out how to spell Garrapollo.


With Fournette on a much needed bye and Kareem Hunt facing a very tough Denver defense the door was left open for two players who were off the radar week 1 to make a mid-season statement in the AFC Rookie of the Year race.

Runner up: Juju Smith Schuster

America’s Sweetheart went off for 193 yards and a TD on 10 targets, earning him AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. He has officially taken Martavis Bryant spot and is a LEGIT STARTER in the Special Ed League.

Week 9 RotW: Deshaun Watson

Watson is on Yahoo!’s “cant cut” list now. That’s fucking crazy. First of all I thought you had to be drafted to be on Cant Cut. But whatever, cause who the fuck’s trying to cut Desaun Watson? If you drop Watson right now you need to be kicked out of your league and banned from all fantasies. No more dreaming about Pam Anderson, no more Narnia books. NO MORE FANTASIES

Weekly Will Fuller Facts

- He did it again?!

- Mustache really filling in now

- Looks strong

The Full House put on a show against the once vaunted SEA secondary. He's earned weekly Starter status on the DYM squad. That Watson is like Shaolin shadowboxing and Fuller is the Wu Tang sword style. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be DANGEROUS.

We can smell the champagne already.



Two 5-3 clubs look to stay in the mix for a playoff spot in week 9.

RC’s tip RB and QB struggled as rookies before becoming 2017 Fantasy superstars. While Deshaun Watson and Kareem Hunt are rewriting the rookie record books on a weekly basis for DYM.

RC enters the game far hotter. They are #4 in the Heat index and the standings, and riding a 3 game winning streak. But they face a difficult bye week situation. Their best players are available but they are very shallow this week. As of press time they are still in need of a Kicker and 2 WRs, and they are surely apprehensive about using either Pryor or Doctson let alone both.

DYM has only won 1 of the last 3 and are yet to fully recapture their week 1 magic. We are not at full strength for week 9 either. We are missing our top 3 WRs. This forces The Full House into the starting lineup for the first time this year and we have inserted veteran bye-week fill-in Teddy Ginn.

Both teams will look for their QB position to carry the day but Watson’s matchup with Indy gives DYM a distinct advantage.

Prediction: – 121.90

Randy C – 109.08

AGOTW Prediction Record: 3-5


BS vs TM

Steelers and Pats bye shouldn't be the same week. Killing us out here. But especially Abby.

Meh Wins!!!!!!!!!

Saquon vs QL

Jeff might be the only team this week at full strength. Meanwhile The Commish's best player gets an extra 6 byes. He'll be well rested for the Constellation Tourney.

iQL! Wins!!!!!!!!!

-10 vs WW

Both these teams own Bills and Jets. Usually not good to have so much action on the Thursday game. Be careful guys

Whitey Wins!!!!!!!!!


PHP wants to avoid a two-game losing streak here. 6 losses is the most you really ever want for a playoff team, so 5 losses with 4 games left is a tough spot.

PHP Wins !!!!!!!!!



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