DEFEND YOUR MOVES 2017 WEEK 11!!!!!!!!!!!

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Total Moves this week: 25

Dumpster Diver of the Week: -10 Yards of Eli! (8 Moves!)

If I didn’t know any better I might say Doug is actually trying to make a late playoff push here. Two weeks ago, this was hands-down the WORST team in the league. But in this chaotic 2017 season it kinda makes sense that they became the highest scoring team of the last two weeks. The switch was flipped on last week in the electric factory formerly known as i knows football and they are back in action.

Doug’s week was VINTAGE defend your moves. This is the kind of week that DYM was made for. You know this guy is getting anxious thinking he has a chance now cause these are straight up scramble moves. The DYM patented move is picking a guy up and dropping him right away. We call it “getting a guy in the building”, but we all know this indecisiveness is a sign of heightened nerves and, likely, fear of the competition.

Doug pulled that shit 5 times this week. Look at these scary ass moves:

Orleans Darkwa - dropped 11/9

picked 11/12

dropped 11/15

Will Fuller - picked 11/9

dropped 11/14

Minnesota D - picked 11/12

dropped 11/13

Vernon Davis - picked 11/12

dropped 11/12

Matt Forte - picked 11/7

dropped 11/12

He even made 3 moves on Sunday morning! And although the guys he added and started didn’t outscore the guys he left on the bench, they did outscore The Commish. And so it seems the sleeping giant has been awoken. The Once and Former Champion will be a serious contender every week going forward.

ROOKIE OF THE WEEK – Marshon Lattimore

Marshon Lattimore knows all about how to cultivate your personal brand as a young player in today's NFL.

The first and most important thing a young player entering the league can do to establish their brand is have a cool jersey number. Young players know that no fans are going to buy jerseys with like a 31 or 82 on it. Yuck. In college Marshon kept it very tight with a QB number. Of course in the NFL single digits are reserved for actual QBs and Kickers, so the best number you can have on defense is obviously 23.

I'm Just Sayin.

CB is the most important position in modern 2017 NFL defenses. A lock down cover corner can single handedly improve an entire defense in a way no other position player can these days. Case in point is this year's Saints. New Orleans D has improved bigly since last year: In 2016 the Saints ranked 25th in the NFL allowing 375 yard per game. This year they are ranked 8th and allow 312 yards per game. The main difference in the defensive lineup is Marshon Lattimore, the run-away favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Lattimore and the Saints D have been the talk of the town in New Orleans all season, but Week 10 was definitely the best defensive game for the Saints this season.

Tyrod Taylor was in the midst of a career redeeming season, the Bills looked like playoff contenders until the 3rd quarter last Thursday, and even in that stinker Tyrod put up great fantasy numbers. But the Saints came through and dominated the game from wire-to-wire. Tyrod exited after completing 9 of 18 passes for 56 yards, no TDs and 1 INT. Right now Jordan Matthews, Lattimore’s primary assignment on the day, is pretending to be injured and Tyrod was so thoroughly humiliated by the rookie CB that he has now been BENCHED and will likely never start another game for the Bills.

Lets have a moment of silence in memory of Tyrod, ok?


WHOS HOT???????????

RC looking POWERFUL hot right now.



The thing that’s really shaking up the Special Ed league right now is middle class teams like Team Meh, White Walkers and The Commish losing games and keeping the door open for ANYONE to step into playoff position. That’s right, entering week 11 NO TEAM has been eliminated. So it looks like -10 has to win 3 in a row, but as it stands today he’s got the third hottest team in the league, and it just so happens that his last three games are against the league’s three COLDEST teams.

First up: Jeff Ertz.