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Big CONGRATULATIONS shout out to our guy Randall Cummingham, NO LONGER THIS LEAGUE’S NEW GUY, Rob is now the newest member of Fantasy Football’s most exclusive club – The Special Ed Champions!!!!

We like to think that RC’s rise this year is something of a testament to the strength of the DYM Brand. This guy had no clue what to make of DYM when he showed up here last September. But this year he has become one of the league’s most avid DYM readers. Not only has he helped rack up the page-views over here at but has also embraced the DYM lifestyle as much as any other Special Ed player this year. He proved, once again, that even the shittiest drafters can find success through heavy roster shuffling and smart start/sit decisions.

This is only the second time in Special Ed history that the Dumpster-Diver of the Year has also been crowned Special Ed Champion. RC tied with the DYM squad for the league lead with 46 regular season moves. The Dumpster-Diver of the Year is a coveted honor, but only the true greats can satisfy their ravenous hunger for roster moves without making some errors along the way.

You may recall this team was once thought to be one of the league's weakest. Gurley was the only Super-Star in their draft and they ranked 8th when the week 4 power rankings were published. We still stand behind those rankings too. RC had a great season, but they were under .500 until week 6. And they pretty much punted both the first and third round picks with Mike Evans and Terrelle Pryor. Adam Theilen wasn’t a true superstar until Diggs got hurt, and Wentz wasn’t on this team yet. Gurley is definitely this team’s MVP, and maybe the NFL’s MVP as well. I bet most leagues’ champ is the Gurley owner this year. On the other hand, I doubt there are very many Terrelle Pryor owners who played at all in week 16. A hearty KUDOS is in order.

We apologize for the late edition DYM for week 17. It’s hard to get work done around the holidays. That’s why most sports blogs mail it in this week with “best of 2017” list articles. Everybody’s got better shit to do than write about fantasy football and DYM is no exception. So without further to do, DYM is proud to present:



Terrelle Pryor was terrible this year, but I’m blaming Cousins 100% 


Zay Jones got jerked around a bunch by RC. I’m fairly sure Zay never started a Special Ed game this year and, frankly, I'd be surprised if he ever does.


We drafted Pryor in our other league, and we thought about adding Doctson when we dropped him but just couldn’t stand watching Cousins anymore. He’s dead to me. 


RC was disrespectful to all of their rookie WRs this year, but dropping any WR for Danny Amendola is an absolute slap in the face.


HAHAHAHAHA!! Paul Perking was on this team? No way! 


This was an ultra-savvy pickup. Everybody was fretting over how bad the Packers became as a team with Hundley at QB, it took a few weeks for folks to realize that Davante was actually putting up better numbers with Hundley than he was with Rodgers. Jordy Nelson might be done-for btw. He’s on the early do-not-draft list for sure. 


Hot Take: Zay Jones sucks. 


Hot Take #2: Robert Woods was the bills #3 WR last year and he's way way better than Zay Jones.

This move, along with the Davante Adams pick-up on the same day, set the stage for RC’s 6 game winning streak that catapulted them to the top of the standings.


Of all the Zay Jones moves, this was the best one for the RC. We were disappointed that Foles didn’t get the start in the SESB, but we can’t argue with very many of RC’s starts down the stretch. Did we mention Zaty Jones sucks? He does. He suuuuuuuucks.


Of course, the Wentz add was one of the great moves of the year for the entire league. Also unfortunate that he couldn’t get into the SESB, but we love that they kept Wentz on the roster so he still gets a ring. The Yahoo! archives don’t show who you started in any given game, only who was on your final roster. So Carson Wentz will go down in history as a Special Ed Super Bowl Champion, and you can never take that away from him.


Week 6: This was actually the second lowest score of RC’s season. But a win is a win and a win over The Commish is a rite of passage for all True Special Ed Champions.

Week 12: This was the week 12 RIVALRY WEEK rematch. RC came out flat in their week 3 matchup with QL, but they got their redemption in a HUGE week 12 game that helped shape the playoff landscape.

Week 2: Randall’s highest scoring game of the year was surprisingly before Wentz was picked up, and they started Terrelle Pryor. The key to this victory was making the correct start/sit decisions. This was a major key to RC success in a year in which hundreds of points were left on benches throughout the league. GREAT JOB!



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