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They said it couldn't be done! We have finally reached the finish line of this miserable fantasy marathon. There were times this year when we really didn't feel like being bothered with fantasy football, but in retrospect we can't imagine what these past few months would've been like without it.

Back in the fall, after the first COVID wave, there seemed to be some cogent arguments for the NFL to not have gone through with this season. Most people agreed, and still do, that the safest way to have any professional sports season is in an isolated environment - The NBA Bubble being the gold standard. The NFL eschewed most recommended precautions to start the season, and had several players testing positive every week. As the season wore on, the league increased their safety regulations, but found difficulty enforcing them outside the team facilities, and are still facing team-wide outbreaks.

What we've come to realize in the last few weeks is that as unsafe as it may seem to play football amid the airborne viral pandemic, everyday life is not much safer. If there weren't football would all these players just be staying home? Not hugging their parents? Not opening restaurants? Of course they wouldn't!!! Sure lots of NFL players got the cooties this season, but fuckin' everybody's got it now so why the fuck not play football!

Viva la Distraction!!!

So, now that the asterisk has been removed from our fare season, we can move on with a clear conscious to -



In Roman mythology, Jupiter is the king of the sky - the God of Gods. He rules the heavenly order, and is the father of all the lesser Gods who, in turn, created and ruled over the lives of men on Earth. Saturn, the God of time, is Jupiter's father and long ago Jupiter once yearned to be free of his father's strictures and commandments just as all young men do today.

There was a prophecy that Saturn's child would one day overthrow him, so he tried to destroy all of his children in their infancy, and only Jupiter escaped. But Jupiter was not able to realize his destiny alone. First he would have to free his siblings, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, Juno, and Vesta - and join forces with them to take control of the heavenly realm. And so it would be for many years in the first age of Jupiter - it was the age of the sky, the age of air - a time when all the powers of the Gods were bound together and strove for a common good. Together they would create the world of man as we have come to know it, but the passage of time would continue on forever after the death of Saturn. The passage of time is also the force of change in our world, so the glorious age of Jupiter could not last forever. Most of the Gods took new homes among the stars and now they simply watch over us as their power shines down from the sky for a 12th part of every year. Even Saturn gets to have his day.

"The Great Conjunction" - when Jupiter and Saturn meet every twenty years or so - is aways a harbinger of change. The combined powers of the God of time and the God of heaven brings mysterious and irresistibly disruptive forces into the human realm. But this year's conjunction is especially powerful because it is the most complete conjunction in the last 800 years. Also because it ushers in a new astronomical age - For the past two hundred years The Great Conjunction had been occurring within the Earth sign constellations - Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, this will be the first of ten Great Conjunctions that will occur within the Air sign constellations - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. When the Great Conjunction occurs in air signs it increases Jupiter's influence, and individuals born under the Air signs - like Polk High Panthers - will feel the most turbulent changes in their lives.

“This is not a new start that you're going to get done in a month, this is going to unravel over years, so whatever direction you are moving toward in 2021 will continue over your life for the next two decades.”

What better time than this for Polk High Panthers' to reach their FIRST Special Ed Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

PHP has finished as high as 3rd twice (2012 and 2015) and they've made the playoffs 4 times in 9 years, but not since 2015. This may be the season of destiny for the Aquarian Sky God.

He nailed the first three picks in the draft with Kamara, Julio, and Kelce. Kamara and Kelce balled out of control all year long and they managed to flip Julio at the exact moment he stopped ballin'. They also have four other mid round draft picks still on the roster, and have managed to start the same defense 14 out of 15 weeks so far this year.

Just like Commissioner Goodell, they ignored all criticism and advice from outside sources, and stuck to the exact same plan they've had the past few years.

This is the third consecutive year that PHP has drafted a Tight End in the third round or sooner. Despite not making the playoffs and not even winning more than 4 games in 2018 or '19 - AND despite league rules specifically made to further de-value the TE - PHP persisted in 2020. After finally freeing himself from the shackles of the Saturnian Auto-Draft, he dove head long back into the abyss of the TE heavy draft, taking the top 2 TEs completely of his own volition. Kittle only played six games this year, and hit IR after week 8. We fully believe this was a true addition-by-subtraction for PHP as the single-TE roster spared him a great deal of ridicule from his Special Ed League peers and found him favor in the eyes of the Fantasy Gods.

But PHP is not the only prophesied king-in-waiting in SESB X.

Josh Allen has been a member of the Special Ed Super Bowl Champion team every year of his NFL career but this will be his first Special Ed Super Bowl start.

The last two years, Josh has been on the bench of Team DYM - Like the Steve Young of Special Ed, he spent two years waiting in the wings and studying behind one of the true legends of the game. He did appear in week 15 of 2018, when we spent the entire season streaming various rookie QBs. In 2019 he settled in to the back-up role as Lamar put together an all-time great fantasy season.

Clearly the early competition was an incredible motivator, and Josh did not put any of his time on the bench to waste, tirelessly studying Lamar's then-superior downfield throwing and also learning from his teammate's mistakes as a runner and a passer.

Defend Your Moves are Virgos, an Earth sign.

So we've got a chance to maintain some semblance of normalcy through this Conjunction season. Our time to shine was back in August when our ruling planet, Mercury, happened to pass through Virgo on our born day.

Mercury was also in Virgo on the actual night of our birth, 8/28/1981, so this past August was a hugely powerful time for us. We were firing on all cylinders by draft time. The Commish was pretty sick of hearing about it but he had to admit our draft plan was extra EXTRA on point this year. Our first three picks - the powerhouse stable of Henry, Taylor, and Carson - are still our top starting RBs. We had to take advantage of the Mercury energy early in the season, so we pulled off our two game-changing trades within the first month. Not many people thought trading Lamar for Josh STRAIGHT UP in week 4 was a good idea, but the comeuppance have now been had, as Josh and Stefon are having the best statistical season of any Buffalo Bills QB/WR duo in franchise history.




Now more than ever, Special Ed League is the only league that matters, but The Great Conjunction could also be great news for Special Ed The Team. In the other league SETT has been harangued endlessly for employing two team managers. This new astronomical age will favor air sign energies, and as such it will empower the spirit of communal cooperation, allowing co-managed fantasy teams to realize the strengths of both managers to their fullest:

This conjunction ushers in a new societal ethos, slowly moves away from materialism and toward universalism and new ideologies. “Aquarius is the sign of teamwork, it’s the sign of society, it’s very progressive and it’s very humanitarian,”


Miss Cleo Outtakes!!!!!



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