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Once again it's time to nominate our favorite characters from this year's Special Ed season for our our highest honor - THE DYM AWARDS!!!

Polls are now open at this link. Winners will be announced next week.

As always, we nominate NFL Players for the BEST DRAFT VALUE and BEST PICKUP awards, and nominate one of YOU, the hearty Special Ed League competitors, as the DYM MVP.

Surprisingly, despite the steeper learning curve this year, there are 4 NFL rookies nominated for DYM Awards (none of the one's we drafted, of course).

Overall, the nominations are more consolidated than usual this year:

3 of the 4 best draft picks came within 6 picks of each other in round 9. 2 of the 4 were made by Sharon Ertz, and he was able to pick up another of them early in the season.

The Commish was #2 in moves this season with 43. He used them wisely and managed to snag 3 of the top 4 Pick Ups of the year. Will it be enough to merit a DYM MVP nomination???


  • Aaron Rodgers - Rd 9 pick 6 - Pauls Awesome Team (23.87 ppg)

#3 QB in Special Ed this year. #1 over the last 4 weeks... but c'mon it's Aaron Rodgers.

  • Josh Allen - Rd 9 pick 8 - Defend Your Moves (22.66 ppg)

#5 QB in Special Ed this year. #2 over the last 4 weeks. Possibly greatest QB of all time.

  • Will Fuller V - Rd 8 pick 6 - Sharon Ertz (14.76 ppg)

The Full House was BACK this year!! The DYM Hall of Famer was remarkably consistent, scoring over 10 ppg in 10 of 11 games he played this year. He went over 100 yds 5 times and scored a TD in 7 games.

  • Antonio Gibson - Rd 9 pick 5 - Sharon Ertz (13.93 ppg)

The rookie started out slow this year, as many did. Clocking 65 combined yds per game and 3 TDs over the first 6 weeks. That was productive enough to keep him in the mix until the game slowed down for him in week 7. Since putting up 128 yds on the Cowboys, Tony's been averaging 97.6 yds per game and scored 8 times. He was the #2 non-PPR RB in the 4 weeks before his injury.


  • Chase Claypool - WR - Pauls Awesome Team

The first rookie to break out this season. Made everybody think Juju was trash up until week 5.

  • Justin Jefferson - WR - Commish

#4 WR in Special Ed this season. Has at least 100 yards or a TD on 7 of the last 10 games.

  • James Robinson - RB - Commish

We never heard of this guy until September 14. Since then, he's gone for 100 yds or a TD 7 times and is the #4 RB in the Special Ed League.

  • Mike Davis - RB - Commish/Rippers

Filled in admirably for C-Mac, averaging 12.48 ppg from weeks 2-12. Much like Claypool, he looked like he was gonna be the shit in about week 5 but then put up several mid-season clunkers. He's now been re-acquired by The Rippers, and C-Mac is OUT again for week 14. So there's still a chance for Mike D to put wow voters this week in the playoffs.


  • Fox News' Mike Tobin

We kid, but Dr. T is a real life cardiologist.

He has 4.9/5 ratings on and and US News & World Report rates his patients' experience as "Excellent."

In this, the most fucked up of all Special Ed seasons, we must digress from our traditionally tongue-in-cheek analyses and give a true, heart-felt, BIG shout out to the good doctor. This guy is on the front lines of the fucking pandemic and is still a top DYM Reader and Scholar. He made the playoffs and averaged over 2 roster moves per week, and he crushes you guys on the group text.

There's no competition for that. There can be only one nominee for this year's 2020 DYM MVP.

So, from us here at DYM, to Tobin and the entire Rippers family:




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