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Total Moves this Week: 15

Dumpster Diver of the Week: DEFEND YOUR MOVES DOT COM

L’Shana Tova and a Happy 5778, Special Ed!!! Today is Rosh Hashanah so that means Yom Kippur is on a Saturday. Saturday YK’s are the best. College football really helps kill time and break up the day. Then the cold ones on Sunday go down extra smooth.


For Defend Your Moves, the season doesn’t really start until we drop our QB. We’re always ready to drop or trade a QB, but even I didn’t think it would happen this soon. Sometimes after a bad Football Sunday you need to treat yourself to a little something on Monday morning to get your week started on the right foot. So I got myself a Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese and dropped Kurt Cousins!!!

When you have a lot of young players on a fantasy roster it’s important to control your messaging in the locker room. Frustrations at DYM camp were palpable after the week 2 loss. So we figured a little QB competition would be a great way to let our guys know that nobody’s job is safe. We got a couple QBs in the building this week, kicked the tires. It’s all part of the process, got to get your future QBs some reps with the 1s in practice. As of press time, Cousins is back in the DefendYourMoves.Com lineup. He’s got a solid matchup this week against the Raiders, but there are very few such positive matchups left for the R-words, and Cousins doesn’t look like he’s going to put this team on his back anytime soon. Just gotta make sure some of these bums don’t get too comfortable. Looking at you, Cooks.

There actually were a lot of contenders for DDOTW this week. But the dumpster must be running low cause TWO pass catchers from the Colts, one Jet and one Brown were picked up this week, woof. LETS BREAK IT DOWN:

  • Paul made two high quality moves this week. He dropped two players who were both placed on IR, so this isn’t true Dumpster Diving but Paul gets the Football Watcher of the Week award for grabbing Evan Engram within moments of the rookie’s first career TD. I went shopping for a TE later in the evening and Engram was nowhere to be found. TY Hilton will be a bench stash until Andrew Luck comes back. Is this a keeper league? I forget.

  • Matt made the right move swapping JJ Nelson for T.Y., but didn’t get him into the starting lineup. Sorry Matt. I started Cooper Kupp over JJ Nelson in FanDuel too. My bad.

  • Rob made some fun mid-week moves. He was the third team this week to add a TE. He also did a nice job catching that early injury report on Rob Kelley. I dropped Perine too. I do hope Kells plays this week with that rib injury tho. If they get him into a XXXL size flack vest he’s gonna look like the Kool-Aid man out there.


The Bengals look like a bottom 5 team in the NFL this year. But they fired their Offensive Coordinator this week and promoted QB coach Bill Lazor. So there’s still a chance they could get back into that mediocre tier where they belong. As a Mixon owner, and a potential future Dalton owner, we’ve been following the situation closely. Normally NFL teams don’t like to say a lot to the media, especially nothing revealing about their game-plans. Some believe it’s a fool’s errand to go reading a bunch of local newspaper articles about a team to try to guess what different players’ usage will be on Sunday. But if you can read between the lines, these guys often let out a little more than they intend to.


The “message” from the Bengals this week, and its inherent irony, was best summed up by right tackle Jake Fisher: “You build on what you’re successful at and then you can expand … As of now, we haven’t really been successful at much. Obviously we haven’t been able to score a touchdown.” For now, we gotta stay focused on the not scoring touchdowns, that has worked. Maybe later we can expand to scoring touchdowns. Got it.


As O-Coord of the Dolphins in 2014-15 the Lazor-beam used Lamar Miller almost exclusively in a pass-heavy system. Everybody knows this, so he was asked what positives he saw in having three capable RBs sharing time: “When they all run for a 100 yards in a game, I view that as very positive. I haven’t done three in the past, splitting it equally.” Mixon himself seems aware of that history, saying “We’ve got three really good running backs in our room so whatever they’re comfortable doing – if they’re going to play one or play two and one of us has to sit out…”

Bye, Gio.


The best news from all this non-news is for AJ Green owners. Green was by far the most vocal with his frustrations after last week’s loss. He went full Keyshawn Johnson on these reporters: "We are playing like shit right now. We got to find a way to get our playmakers the ball … I feel like – no disrespect to nobody else – that ball should be mine somewhere somehow ... I want the ball."

Fortunately Lazor is a players’ coaches’ players’ coach and he really wants AJ to like him. "Some players get a lot [of input] and some players get a little [input] in what’s happening. When guys earn the ability to have input, that’s probably the best way. I don’t think there’s anyone around here who doesn’t trust A.J.” He knows where his bread is buttered. How many targets you want AJ? 12? 15? Anything you want big guy! Don’t be mad at me!




Every year when the Special Ed schedule is released, there’s one or two dates that I circle on my calendar. Those are the weeks when my team is matched up against The Commish. Ours is one of the greatest rivalries in all of Special Ed history. Through some scheduling quirk, we have played eachother twice every year since 2012. Just like classic divisional foes that familiarity has bred a deep contempt. Chris won the first 5 times we met, but since 2014 (the Keenan Allen era) we have taken four out of six games.

This year Chris’ team is not as “bad” as it once was but it still seems like a low-upside squad with nearly every player either being over 30 years old or dealing with a nagging injury (Q status). We expect Chris’ Guy Devante Parker to show up for this one and Amari Cooper will likely shake off the rust for the Revenge Game. But he has a real decision to make between Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen.

We were looking to include a new Kareem Hunt nickname/meme here. So we put “BIG GAME HUNT” in a google image search. The results were not what we wanted. Did you guys know people hunt giraffes? Fucks wrong with these people, man? There are a lot of funny things on the internet but pictures of dead animals posed next to happy white people is not one of em. smh

Prediction: – 118.01

Saquon’s Heisman – 94.89

2017 AGOTW Predictions Record: 0-2


15 Yards of Badwin vs Bitchslapped

Abby is 2-0!!! Just in case you thought this wasn’t dumb luck, Allen Robinson is still on her team.


Team Meh vs Polk High Panthers

This is the only matchup with no players in the 9:30am London game. Good for you guys, go get yourselves some breakfast.


White Walkers vs Golden Richards

WW has the second highest projected score although they are yet to break 100.


iQue Lastima! vs Randall Cummingham

DYM’s FANDUEL PICK OF THE WEEK: Zach Ertz is the #1 TE in fantasy this week!!! But Randall Cumminghams RBs will dominate for the second straight week




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