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DEFEND YOUR MOVES 2018 WEEK 8 part 1!!!!!!!!

A dark time it is for the pass catching RB.

No RB of the week for week 7 can there be.

More than 8 catches or 70 yards receiving no RB had on Sunday. Season lows they would be.

Invisible in week 7 even our masters of the back-field reception were:

Catch any passes any more does David Johnson?

Ever return to Pittsburgh will Le’veon??

Even aware of Duke Johnson’s existence is Hue Jackson???

A neck injury Bilal Powell has.

And the tragedy of the week: Seduced by the dark side, Austin Ekeler, our greatest hope was. Enticed by promises of work-horse usage, started he was over a true Master, Tarik Cohen.

Often stifled between the tackles is the under-sized back.

At the goal-line, in spread formation, where holes are created, effective he is.

But between the twenties serve him the dark forces do not.

But not over is week seven. All hope is not yet lost.

There is another…


Believe it or not, The Commish and I started a Browns stack in the other league this week. Plus we have Tyreek Hill. We didn't plan it this way, but this made for a very uncomfortable fantasy Sunday for the DYM staff.

Fortunately we were able to focus on pumpkin carving and eating sandwiches for most of the day. But this was a rare case where we were really rooting for our Other League team at the expense of our real team here in Special Ed the league.

Now that we’re past the half-way point of the Fantasy Regular Season we thought this was a good time for a check in on The Other League. In the Saw Jaw Stumble league my brother is commissioner and also a malevolent Sith Lord who insists on STANDARD scoring with 3 starting WRs and no yardage bonuses. It’s torture.

One thing we like about the set-up is the short (4 man) bench. Really gets the move-volume up league-wide and forces some tough decisions in bye season. As a result, a lot of teams stream D’s and K’s then drop em on Monday or Tuesday to artificially create an extra bench spot. That’s how we ended up with Jacksonville and Young GZ, we definitely did not draft them.

You get one keeper - Golladay was our keeper from last year and we’ll get Chubb again next year. Pretty savvy, we’d say.

Anyways, we had a tough time so far but optimism is still irrationally high for us being in 11th place at 1-5. We scored 153 (in standard!) in week one but lost. Over the next month, we were hesitant to shake the roster up too much even as our non-Golladay WRs and our two Bears struggled, because we were patiently awaiting the arrivals of Aaron Jones and Josh Gordon. All the while that high week 1 score has stuck in our minds, so we always feel like we're about to blow up every week.

Now Gordon does seem to have arrived (finally) and we have Chubb starting now over Jones and Howard. Our last four pick-ups were the QBs, then Sacksonville, and Legatron. They all still have byes coming up but probably only Baker will be dropped, we need all the Luck we can get...

Right now yahoo gives us a 59% chance of moving to 2-5 with Barkley going against Odell AND Engram – and we’re up by 8. Odell apparently doesn’t drink water, because it’s squishy, which is very confusing but does not strike fear in his fantasy opponents.

We’ll still likely need 5 more wins in the next 6 weeks to make the post-season - a daunting task, but not impossible for this squad. We’ve got some exciting up-and-coming players who could heat up late in the season. And as DYM readers know – the best way to get HOT late is to start out ICY COLD!



This was a really good sandwich on paper.

As the name implies, everything is home-made from scratch. They smoke their own locally-sourced meats, home-made sauces, very high quality artisan style bread, everything is fresh. The place smells good from the outside. It shoulda been great.

But the execution is ALL WRONG. Everyone in the DYM household was profoundly disappointed by Slamwich. Cynthia didn’t even finish hers, then I tried it, and Maulbeck tried it, and we didn’t finish it either. Her's was a turkey sandwich where I guess they were trying to do a Thanksgiving-style thing with apples, raisins and pumpkin seeds. She said “it had too much flavor.” We agree, but we think the biggest problem flavor is the smoke. All the sandwich meat is prepared in-house, probably all in the same smoker, so everything has the same smokey BBQ-ness that overpowers whatever else they’re trying to do. Not that smoke flavor is bad, especially if you're in the mood for some 'cue, but for the most part that's not even what they're trying to do. Instead they have some creative options on the menu (like a “shrimp banh mi” or a “duck confit joe”) that they're pretty much ruining with that smoker. We got a Pastrami that was more like a pepper-flavored brisket. Still way more smoke than pepper, not at all we were looking for, and pretty unenjoyable overall.

What they ought to do here is pare the menu down to just burgers, brisket and fries and sell em in a food truck. This place could be a good hipster food truck but it’s NOT a good sandwich place.

+1 Bonus Point for VERY good French fries. They’re shoe-string style and taste just like Five Guys fries (so, ALLERGY WARNING, possibly peanut oil).


We’ll be back in a couple days to put ourselves in the Hall of Shame.

Plus, it’s Week 8 so the season REALLY starts this week as we find out WHO’S HOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Probably not me)



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