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It was another very high scoring week around the Special Ed league. Five teams scored over 130 and even [REDACTED] almost scored 100. It might seem like everybody was on the ball this week. Except that this was the FOURTH time this year that a team failed to set their lineup. Then, to add insult to insult, [REDACTED] actually outscored two teams even with his RB1 on bye. The average score in this league is still nearly 120 points. We’re all trying to adjust to the new reality so it can be challenging to gauge what a reasonable expectation for your squad should be. But no matter how much the game changes one timeless axiom remains self-evident:

If you don’t outscore the team that didn’t set a lineup you Officially SUCK!!

Randall Cummingham makes their second trip to the HoS in the last 3 weeks. They lost to [REDACTED] head-to-head, leaving an incredible 48 points on the bench. All 48 came from just two players: Jameis starting over Watson and Hilton over Lindsay. I guess Watson and Lindsay were both a little banged up but they are clearly the superior players and had decent match-ups in Miami and KC respectively. RC is now officially CURSED for trading away the best player in the NFL.

Polk High is back in the Hall for the first time since week 4. We like Matt, he’s our boy, but this Hall of Shame induction is especially satisfying for us right now. We’ve never wanted to put somebody in here more. In the three weeks since their last induction PHP have become the HOTTEST team in Special Ed. With Alshon in the fold and Brady reeling off three straight 20+ point games, some were beginning to believe that PHP were legitimate contenders this year. Last week the Commish told us he thought there were “only three good teams in the league: Saquons Heisman, Team Meh and Matt.” And we were like “MATT?! For real? Jarvis? And the fucking Patriots?? Fuck That!

We were motivated this week, and our Fantasy Defense came through in a huge way. We already knew Matt's team really sucked, but now it's OFFICIAL.

Right now Brady is QB #15 in this league with less than 20 points in half his games. Gronk is TE #8, scoring less than 10pts per game. They are both totally droppable in this high-scoring era. There ought to be better options available.


The NFL trade deadline was today and SOME THINGS HAPPENED!! Exciting things! Four fantasy players are joining new teams today, impacting not only their own fantasy value but also those of their new AND old teammates. Let’s take a look at the WINNERS and LOSERS from each transaction:


LOSERS: (none) DT has started the last two weeks for The Commish, but he’ll have to sit this week out as he acclimates to his new environment. But, with an upgrade at QB, this should be marginally good for DT going forward.

WINNERS: DYM Readers. We just spelled DT’s name right for possibly the first time ever! Also, Courtland Sutton is now theoretically on the fantasy radar.


LOSERS: Alshon Jeffery (Polk High) and Nelson Agholor ([REDACTED]). Wentz has tended to avoid passing to WRs when coverage is tight, preferring the safety of the big-body TE. Tate is now the best route-runner on the Eagles. He should get better separation and, consequently, should see more targets that Alshon has thus far.

WINNERS: Kenny Golladay (DYM) and Marvin Jones (Commish). The Lions are running the ball more, and cannot sustain 3 fantasy WRs. The 10 targets per game vacated by Tate should keep both of the remaining WRs relevant now.


LOSERS: Alex Collins (Believeland) and Buck Allen ([REDACTED]). As the Ravens’ “lead” RB, Alex Collins averaged under 15 touches per game this year and topped out at 90 combined yards. If Ty siphons off even 4 of those touches (he averaged 7.6 per game for Green Bay) Collins will be droppable in this 10-team league.

WINNERS: Aaron Jones (Believeland). Paul’s RBs are a flat circle. When one falls another must rise... This trade ought to at least bring some clarity to the Golden Richards RB corps. Collins and Jones were both just OK fantasy guys this year. Now one is trash and the other is a locked-in starter for the rest of the year.


LOSERS: Pryor. He’s on the Bills now.

WINNERS: (none) We'd be shocked if he doesn't take some snaps at QB. That'll be fun, but it's not a "win."

We'll be back in a couple days to review Mimi's Deli, our first true contender in the sandwich tour.

As always we will also break down every Special Ed match-up and find out WHO'S HOT ahead of week number nine!!



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