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Just as The Who’s-Hot-O-Meter predicted, there’s one real high scoring game and one real low scoring game, but they’re both coming down to the wire.

Unlike last week, there is no rest for the weary playoff contenders. Neither Wildcard playoff game has yet to be decided as 3 of the four teams have players going in tonight’s Seahawks/Viking game.

What 2 Watch 4:

Paul vs Dave

Dave left 8 points on the bench. Can’t really hold it against him, though, cause starting Brady (even against the Dolphins) over Mahomes would have been preposterous. Unfortunately this one could end up being close and that 8 points may prove to be the difference.

Dave trails by 21 with Dalvin and Lockett facing Russell Wilson. Basically he needs one of his guys to score 21 and the other keep pace with Russell. That sounds possible, but tough since neither of his guys have actually scored 20 or kept pace with Russell more than once this year. Russell has scored under 20 points only 4 times and Lockett out-scored him in 2 of those, but did not reach 20 points in either. Cook’s high score this year is 15.10 which would be Russell’s second worst. Dave’s best shot is if Russell throws picks (which he hasn’t done since week 9), or Lockett gets some rushing work (he’s getting 1 or 2 carries per game), AND Cook has his best game of the year. This could be a weird one.

Doug vs Donkey Kong

Doug’s team is done for the week, scoring a miserable 97.10 points, with 43 points left on the bench. Somehow, he’s still staked to a 20 point lead with only one opposing player remaining.

This one is pretty simple: Adam Thielen needs more than 19.9 points for a Chimp victory. Odds are good for Bubbles since Thielen has gone for 20+ in all but 4 games this year.

The winner faces DYM, so we have a lot more interest in this one. For the first time in a long while we’ll be rooting FOR King Louie. Doug’s team actually is pretty scary if he sets the lineup right. We don’t want to get into another Amari revenge game.

FOOD BEEF 2018 SANDWICH TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34 Watchung Ave., Chatham NJ

Pascarella Bros. is the place across the street from Bottle King down by River Rd. The Commish’s old neighbors recommended it way back when they first moved to Summit. They were right on with that reco, we’ve actually been big fans of theirs for several years. As a result, Pascarella’s came into this competition as the leading contender.

We had their House-Special Italian Sub (plus hot peppers). It was excellent all around. Could have used more oil/vinegar, but all the ingredients are very tasty. The bread had a very hearty crustiness that makes the bites tough and satisfying. The ratio of meat to cheese to vegetable was perfect and they got it piled high just how we like it. It’s right up there with Hickory Tree’s Italian.

In this competition there has been one element that separates our playoff contenders from the field: Fresh, in-house roasted meats. Mimi’s stood out above all others with their signature corned beef; Hickory Tree and Pascarella’s both feature fresh roasted turkey, sliced off the bone.

Cynthia’s Fresh-Turkey Joe was spectacular. An absolute taste sensation. The roasted turkey isn’t full-on-Thanksgiving, it’s just enough extra flavor to make you say “huh.” Cynthia was blown away and insisted that this was a 10/10 sandwich. We’re inclined to agree but they’ll have to first pass through the GAUNTLET of the SANDWICH TOUR PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCORE: 9/10

The SANDWICH TOUR PLAYOFFS will be held this coming weekend. By popular demand the playoff round will be TURKEY JOES ONLY. We will visit Mimi’s Deli, Hickory Tree Deli, and Pascarella Bros and purchase one (1) Turkey Joe from each. Judges will sample each of the sandwiches in a single-sitting head-to-head taste-test format. Final scores will be based on TURKEY JOE quality only, no bonus points will be awarded or deducted.

All members of The Special Ed League and DYM Nation are invited to participate as guest judges. Please contact The DYM Sandwich Tour coordinator for scheduling and details.



We wanted a way to keep our blades sharp over the bye week so we challenged The Commish to a little H2H Daily Fantasy game.

We beat his ass bad.

A ton of people probably played Justin Jackson and Samuels this week because they were so cheap. But the problem with cheap RBs is you can’t spend that money you saved on good RBs; and good RBs are the only thing that matters in the 2018 fantasy season.

Anyway we thought this was fun, and maybe something we could add to the post-season process in the future:

Like, maybe, every year the two teams with byes have to play a game like this and the winner would get to pick his Week 15 opponent? eh? How bout that?

In a season like this it would be a great opportunity for a team like The Commish’s who rightfully earned his #1 ranking but is being rewarded with a match-up with one of the league’s hottest teams. A win in this week 14 extra-curricular would allow him to lock in that advantage.

Just an idea. Let us know what you think in the comments!



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