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Week 5 2019 was one of the highest scoring weeks of all time in Fantasy Football. This was the first week EVER where 4 players scored over 40 points in PPR. But this was also the second time in the last 5 weeks that the Special Ed weekly high score record record has been broken. It's true that Paul's Team is Awesome. But scoring is way way WAY up all across the league this year. This is shaping up to be the most competitive Special Ed season ever thanks in part to the influx of new players. The new guys are huge improvements over Abby and the Ertz family. Even as the "tiers" of teams in this league have begun to develop, it's still not looking at all lopsided. None of the one-win teams are push overs: The Commish is in dead last but he still thinks he's gonna win it all; and our two favorite post-draft rosters (Matt and Andy) have hit some bad luck despite some very high scores. Nobody's out of it yet, but the top tier teams are BALLIN OUT OF CONTROL in 2019. Paul's Awesome Team is averaging an insane 150 per game, going over 195 twive. But (if Monday projections hold) there will have been NINE scores of over 160 in five weeks, and Team Meh and DYM will also be on pace to eclipse the current record for season average (130). *And there's even a chance that Paul's record could fall again before the end of the night.

160 is the new 120 this year.

Last year we heavily documented the rising scoring rates all across the NFL and fantasy football. League-wide trends (eg college-style-offenses, running-QBs, pass-catching-rbs) have coincided to revolutionize the NFL game and savvy fantasy players have ridden these waves on their way to BIG BIG SCORES. The best teams in Special Ed are the ones who caught on to these trends and drafted running QBs and young pass-catching RBs.

But while we're on the topic of big scores and ballin players, we have to give you guys an update on The Elephant in the Room which is, of course, the TE. As you may have guessed,, not all of our score-increase is organic; Flexing TEs made a HUGE impact on our league's scores this year. Most every fantasy league is seeing higher scores this year than last, continuing last year's trend, but the change is much more palpable here in Special Ed.

We still think this was the right choice for this league since we correctly identified another pervasive trend across the NFL - TEs have been less and less productive on average each of the last five years, and this year we're proud to say that TEs are even worse now than ever before. There are simply not enough decent TEs to support a 10 team fantasy league. Theoretically, the top 60 flex players should be starting in this 10-team league and only 4 of our current top 60 are TEs. But hey, Odell isn't even in the top 60 so maybe that's not really fair. So to put this another way: As of week 5, there are 110 "flex" players averaging at least 8pts per game. Now 8 isn't "good", especially this year, but it's OK. But, right now there are only SEVEN (7) TEs who are even OK so far this year. By contrast there are FIFTEEN (15) Kickers and FIFTEEN D/STs averaging over 8 points. That's right, Kickers are OFFICIALLY better than Tight Ends in the year 2019. Plus, with all these shitty backup QBs running around, streaming D is more profitable than ever this year.

Special Ed is STILL the greatest fantasy league in the world!!!!!


Chatham Bagels - Chatham, NJ

This is it, folks. We're calling it now, this is THE BEST BAGEL IN TOWN.

Chatham Bagel opened in January so they are the area's newest Bagel spot. And like the young Patrick Mahomes of bagels, they enter this season as the undisputed #1. At this point, we'd be absolutely shocked if doesn't win this competition but Food Beef has been surprised before. For now, at least a benchmark has been set by which all future Bagel competitors will be judged.

We don't wanna say it's a "perfect" bagel, because it may not be the best bagel possible, but it is a PROPER Bagel. This is what a bagel is supposed to taste like, and it's exactly the bagel we were looking for - Big, soft, doughy, crusty, the whole package. Plus they have some excellent specialty bagels: Black Russian (better than Noah's), Rainbow colored bagel for the kids (The Boy scored it 100, with 90 bonus points for a "perfect crust"), and Egg Everything (absolute slam-dunk).

Chatham Bagels really took us back to our childhood. They reminded us of the old lady that made bagels and challahs in the kitchen at Temple Sanai Hebrew school. To this day we remember those bagels better than any of the Hebrew, and they will always be the absolute gold standard of all bagels. These are just like those.

We're gonna go back soon and do an exhibition bagel-off between Bagel Cafe and Chatham Bagels, this is gonna be our New Spot effective immediately.



DYM: Egg Everything with bacon and egg: 9 (9.5 minus .5 for missing hot sauce)

Cynthia: Whole Wheat Everything with lox, cream cheese, tomato, capers: 8.5

Dave Maulbeck: Egg Everything with Taylor ham, egg and cheese: 9.5

MB: Cinnamon Raisin with cream cheese: 9 (light shmear)


Doug is down 65, and we're trying to help him out here cause we're 4-0 on Game of The Week predictions. Right now he's got SF defense, that's OK cause Baker seems error-prone. If he can get 20+ from SF D then he's not gonna want to start any Browns. Doug has Matt Breida on the bench right now, but the highest scoring 49er player is actually still an available free-agent in this league, and his name is JEFFERY WILSON JR. We gotta write that in all caps cause it's such a boring name most people miss it completely. JWJ has scored 100% of the 49ers rushing TDs this year. He may have an established role on this team and with Tevin Coleman possibly returning tonight, he may have a bit more upside than Breida.


The other two teams with action tonight have already locked up wins, but *Team Meh has a chance to break Paul's brand new scoring record if Chubb has another monster game. With all the wacky scoring this week, 29 for Chubb isn't out of the question.



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