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DYM (6 moves), Santa Aint Real (4 moves), Polk High Panthers (3 moves)

Total League Moves: 20

Whats up, Special Ed?

This was a very weird week in the NFL but at least the Cowboys lost!!!

Bye week Season is in full effect now. We’re all gonna have tough choices to make every week for the next month or so. Roster Flexibility is more important now than ever. The benches in this league are slightly shallower than normal, so no one is going to be able to fill a starting lineup every week without making moves. That's why everyone needs to be aware of how their bench is constructed and have to know who their most drop-able guy is at all times. These will not be easy choices, but we are obligated to make them. 

Three teams picked up starters for this week. Unfortunately they all sucked, thus no one is being named the true DDoTW.

Sanu, Jordan Howard, and Marlon Brown all clocked in at about 4 points, and were all bad plays who were outscored by a bench player. Sanu probably wasn't a bad pickup in a vacuum, but why not just start Hooper? 

Gardener Minshew scored NEGATIVE ONE points, and was the worst move of the week. 

Matt started the week with a flurry of moves. He dropped both his QBs and Royce Freeman on Monday, but that would be his last move of the week despite having Bears defense on bye. We’re still scratching our heads trying to figure why Matt wouldn’t drop Chris Thompson for a D, especially a London Game D. He picked up and started Jordan Howard, so Thompson was doesn't seem to be a part of his short-term plan anyway. There’s no one move that could have gotten Matt a win this week but a combination of Kittle, a non-Minshew QB, and Carolina or Denver Defense woulda made it real real close. 

Early in our week, we were lamenting our roster inflexibility as WR injuries started to pile up.

But the DYM squad doesn’t give away wins. So on Friday we dug deep and found the chutzpah to drop Dissly and our Kicker to shore up potential starters. We got a top tier kicker back just as the Sunday inactives were announced, and the Fantasy Gods smiled upon our good works. 

We did not score a lot, and we left points on the bench, but we got the W and that's all that matters. 

Ya gotta be in it to win it, folks. 


Sharon Ertz is down by 48 with Kerryon and GB defense, going up against Aaron Jones. The only way this is gonna work is if Jones really craps it up and Rob gets big games from both his positions. So, the better correlation play would be to pick up Detroit D. 

If Detroit's winning and getting turnovers, that's the type of game where Kerryon gets a lot more work. If GB defense is balling, it's gonna be an Aaron Jones game and Detroit's gonna be passing in garbage time. 

Doug is down by 31 but he’s gonna need more like 36+ cause Andy’s got Crosby. Pretty sure Aaron Rodgers hasn't scored 30 fantasy points since 2016, so this probably AINT gonna happen.


Today is Indigenous Peoples' Day. A solemn holiday where we recognize the violent history of the colonization in the Western Hemisphere and honor the memories of Indigenous peoples who were oppressed by Christopher Columbus and other colonizers. 

I've been in China for a couple weeks with the Nets, so I had this white boy managing the vape shop. Really it's better that I was out of town, with all this legislation goin on lately. Plus, I don't ever work on Indigenous Peoples' Day, but do I keep the shop open 24 hours and make all my white employees work overtime. These days there's still a lot of backward, conservative businesses that’ll close on ₡olumbu$ Day but make their people work on Martin Luther King Jr Day. That's why we're staying open late today, and shutting the whole store down from MLK day until the end of Black History Month. Gotta make it abundantly clear where we stand. 

White-boy the Manager said sales have been real good while I was away though. The flavored vape ban is still a travesty of justice and a crippling blow to our cultural heritage, but there is a silver lining. Unflavored Vapes have been our number one seller. Looking back, there were two things we hadn't initially considered about the flavor ban: 

1) Most of our customers are teenagers trying to hide shit from their parents and teachers. The whole reason kids don't smoke cigarettes anymore is cause they smell so much. Kids don't care about their health! And these new Unflavored Vapes are virtually undetectable to the human nose. These kids can vape it up all day long and nobody's the wiser. 

2) White people love shit that doesn't taste like anything. Air flavored Vapes is the new hotness for these Taylor Swift pilates class chicks. Next week were rolling out water flavor, mayonnaise flavor, potato flavor, white rice flavor, and "gluten free" vapes. They're pretty much just different packaging. 



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