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For some reason there’s still THREE (3) NFL games left to be played in week 13. Only one Special Ed Matchup has a final score, and only 2 playoff seeds are set.

The Commish will stay in 6th place even if Dougy Tacos can pull off the spoiler upset. Commish had a 70pt lead over ZP coming into the week, and ZP doesn’t seem likely to put up 180 this week.

Polk High Panthers have won and punched their postseason ticket at 7-6. They will be locked into the 5th seed this year. They have a 50pt lead over the Commish, and outscored him this week, so they won’t move down to 6th even if Commish wins. Bring it on Home is currently a game ahead of them in 4th, and has all but wrapped up their 8th win.

It just so happens that the only contended matchups left in Special Ed for the extended week 13 are the two that will decide the Regular Season Championship and playoff byes.

Sharon Ertz is still hanging in against Paul's Awesome Team, and there's a lot of action left. If Sharon pulls off the upset here it would ensure DYM a top 2 finish.

PAT is at 96.6 with Claypool and Dobbins left. Sharon trails by 31 with Hollywood Brown, Killer Beas, and the powerhouse Football Team combo of Scary Terry and Tony Gibson. Yahoo still has PAT as the 64% favorite but it seems closer to us. We're confidently sticking with our original pick.

SHARON ERTZ WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIOH’s dismantling of The Paternos won’t technically end until late Tuesday night, but it’s been over. ZP will need 92 points from Ben, Dionte, a Kicker, and a D. That 1% chance on Yahoo seems about right. That’s alright, though. ZP’s had fun this year, and we’re still a good six weeks away from the Steelers heartbreaking playoff loss to the Titans.

With their win, BIOH could move up to 3rd if The Defending Champs can hand Fox News’ Mike Tobin their 5th loss.

Bills-Niners is the regular Monday night game tonight, and fortunately we just found out last night that my old trick of “not watching for good luck” doesn’t actually work anymore, so we're gonna be LOCKED IN.

At 8:00 last night we were still knee deep in Ikea shelving, and we were taking a beating in every fantasy league, so we just let the wife have her way with the remote control.

We got the appurtenances stood up by 11 and checked the Special Ed scoreboard. Then we went and cleaned our glasses and checked it again. Same thing. 5 field goals. FIVE FIELD GOALS?!?!?!?!

The fuck, yo? We looked exactly like that Kramer gif right there; kept looking back at it over and over and it was shocking every time.

Gotta tell you guys, we're feeling the heat right now. We want this bye EXTRA bad now cause both DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel just hit the COVID list.

Dr. T has a 51 point lead right now, and we just have our two Bills left. We'd really prefer to get the win and finish in 1st place, we think that would put Paul and Tobin in the same side of the playoff bracket, so we wouldn't have to see them until the Super Bowl. But as you all know, we only technically need 23 point something to secure our +28 spread and stay in 2nd.

We went ahead and looked up Josh and Stefon's game logs, and found some mildly reassuring info. In 8 of 11 games this year those two have combined for at least 23. We found 3 games this year where they've combined for 51 or more, but also 3 games where they combined for less than 23.

So this is one is still TOO CLOSE TO CALL!!!!!!!!!!

It's a Playoff atmosphere already over here at the DYM Home Office. We've been tailgating since 7am, Mafia style. It's getting a little out of hand. Good thing we stocked up on tables at Ikea yesterday.

LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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