DEFEND YOUR MOVES 2021 WEEK 11!!!!!!!!!!!

What's up, Special Ed?!

The trade deadline is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every single one of yall need to be working those phones tonight cause this league is PATHETIC right now. Not a single one of us is getting HOT heading into the playoff stretch.

WHOS HOT?!?!?!?!?!?

As we predicted last week Pickle Ricks!! is the only HOT team in the Special Ed this week, and he's just barely above 1.0 on the Heat Index.

This whole damn league so frigid, we can't even talk about it.

So who the fuck IS hot this week?!?!?!?!?!?


Unlike all of us here in Special Ed, Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is smokin hot. We had no idea. Literally just found out a couple days ago.

The DYM research department still tries to keep up with news and politricks, even during Special Ed Season. But we get the vast majority of our news from podcasts and print media so, although we knew a lot about Kyrsten Sinema as a politician (not a fan), we had no idea that she's the sexiest Senator of all time!!!

Earlier this week we bought this sexy lavender color wig for The Wife (Stuntin On My Family Part 3 coming soon!). We're gonna get her to wear it when we party at the home office later tonight. She's gonna look TOO FINE!!!!!

We figure it'll be a good way to keep Team DYM feelin loose as we close in on the Playoffs.

We were super amped. Been looking forward to this wig party all week, until we saw this article on apple news with a picture of a goddamned US Senator (the least sexiest class of human beings) rockin the exact same lavender wig we just bought.

We've stated many times here on DYM that we have never liked any US Senator (except Bernie Sanders cause he's literally our grandfather); And Sinema, the former Green Party candidate turned staunch moderate, is one of the least popular Senators among us Leftists these days.

For just a second there we were extremely turned off. Dick so soft. At this point we're thinking we'd made a horrible mistake, but at least we'll have something funny to write about on DYM so we read the article.

Apparently Kyrsten's been showboating around Capitol Hill lately - and its triggering the lamestream media real bad. She's straight stuntin on the Senate. Going in to work rockin knee high boots, Star Wars-style dresses with the sleeves, and - worst of all - sexy purple wigs. Now the problem here is that every time she's been seen in the wig she's also been wearing one of those shitty blue hospital masks - and NOBODY looks good in those. So it wasn't until we scrolled about half-way through the article when we saw what the Senator is really workin with.


She is so thick.

We've said some extremely unkind things about US Senators as a group and about many, many individual Senators - and we're not necessarily gonna stop - but goddamn, you guys, we think we're falling in love right now.

DYM has never been ashamed to admit when we're wrong. It doesn't happen often but we do make the occasional error in judgement. We never thought we'd be attracted to a goddamn US Senator, but here we are. And DYM is here to say: SENATOR KYRSTEN SINEMA CAN FUCKIN GET IT!!!! All we gotta do now is get our frumpiest suit ready for our party tonight with The Wife.


Gal Gadot is waaaaay hotter than any Special Ed team this week. We fuckin LOVE us some Gal Gadot. She's the undisputed #1 HOTTEST actress in Hollywood - and we've got her ranked as the #2 hottest Jew in the world today, now that The Wife got this sexy ass wig.

We watched the new Netflick RED NOTICE the other day. The movie sucks real bad but it stars Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynold, and The Rock so it's eminently watchable.

We've been looking forward to this Netflick since we first heard about it back in January. We had heard this podcast about how Gal Gadot had like a million other movies lined up before Wonder Woman 3. Check out this IMDB.

This is a FASCINATING list of projects, but the podcast guys were pretty dubious that they would all actually get made - what with the pandemic and all.

Ten months later and she's got one released, one more in the can and still SIX to go in the next two years, supposedly.

The one we we're by far the most intrigued by is "CLEOPATRA", Although we were also pr