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What’s up Special Ed?!?!?!

2020 is fuckin' OVER!!!!!

Now we love New Years, but we’re not gonna be all “Bye Felicia” on the year 2020 just yet. We’re old enough to remember how everybody thought 2016 was the worst year ever cause Prince and Carrie Fisher and Gene Wilder died. Then 2017 was ostensibly much “worse”, and 2018 was “worse” still. Let's say we’re cautiously optimistic, at best, vis a vis New Years 2021.

As it turns out, with all the talk about what a CRAZY football season this was, the Fantasy Playoffs could have gone off without a hitch!!!

We were outright shocked that the “Commish” would play games with our prize money. No disrespect to the Other Commishes but this was definitely an “Other League” kinda move. Never thought we’d see these types of high-grade shenanigans here in The Great Special Ed League.


The Commish’s professionalism has been above reproach for the past decade. It’s one thing we always cite when we say “Special Ed Is The Best Fantasy League In The World”.

So, it was wild to see our favorite Commish abdicate all his official responsibilities during Super Bowl Week, but we’re not going to deride him one iota here on this blog.

No one saw it coming, but this sort of thing is really quite natural - in fact, it is the exact premise of Cum Jesus: A timeless parable about the imperfections that are necessary to the human condition.

People say they want a peaceful life, they say they avoid stress, but human beings are simply not built for peace. There’s a certain amount of peacefulness that becomes psychologically unacceptable to the human mind. Call it a self destructive tendency or maybe it’s just boredom, but one way or another chaos always reigns in the world of man.

As we wrote last off-season: “So even though things seem perfect, some people just won’t accept it. - even if we could have a True Utopia, mortal men will always destroy it if given the chance.


In fact, we probably just figured out the surprise twist ending for Chapter 16 of The Greatest Story Not Yet Told. There could be like a wise old King who befriends Cum Jesus early on and helps him through a bunch of the trials. By Chapter 15, The King is respected by all his people, and is CJ’s most trusted confidant. He has sworn to rule his kingdom as CJ would, and to spread His Good News. But then, just when CJ’s eternal kingdom of peace is nearly at hand, The King smashes his crown and renounces CJ’s teachings. The people love the King, so they begin to turn their backs on CJ once again and, for just a moment, all seems lost.


Anyways. Much more to come on that this summer, STAY TUNED!!!!!

For now, we’ve got one last piece of official Special Ed business for 2020:





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