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WHATS UP SPECIAL ED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

WOW! Was that a GREAT football weekend or WHAT??? Low scoring fantasy games don’t get much more exciting than that.

The Commish squeaked out a 3 point victory with the Monday Night Kicker. Jedi Master Joe Mixon was the highest scoring player in the game but was not quite enough. Aaron Jones injury sunk Paul, though all the points he needed were on the bench. Starting Gus the Bus or Chris Carson over Jones would have got it done. He’ll be thinking about this one all summer.

For DYM squad, week 15 was an epic journey. We walked the Heroes Path from tragedy to triumph. Even after being dominated Thursday and Saturday we never lost hope. It was actually lucky for us to have all that happen so early in the week so we could adjust for maximum upside. The lineup needed a little extra juice on Sunday so we took a couple edibles and started Josh Allen. Allen did end up being our best QB option, but we made it real hard on ourselves by benching Golladay and Mack. They’ll be starters this week for sure.

Everything is right with the world now that the clear-cut best teams in this league are the last ones standing.To us, this championship match-up was inevitable for the last couple months. We’re glad both games last week came down to the wire though. It’s good for you guys to keep us on our toes.


The Food Beef 2018 Sandwich Tour finale was held this weekend at the DYM Home Office. We brought in Celebrity Judges from around DYM Nation to help deliberate the final round:

  • Cynthia, the official wife of DYM, is a long-time Food Beef veteran, she participated in every round of the Sandwich Tour and helped name our Best Pizza of 2016 and Best Wings of 2017.

  • Dave Maulbeck is the Official Non-League Best Friend of DYM, he’s a Sunday Star Wars watcher and Offseason-Only DYM Reader.

  • And, of course, yours truly the DYM Editor in Chief.


Our three finalists were Hickory Tree Deli, Pascarella Brothers Deli and Mimi’s Deli. We ordered one Turkey Sloppy Joe from each, and Amari had a chicken sandwich with cheese from Mimi's.


  • The wait at Hickory was long as usual.

  • Pascarella’s was very efficient, giving us a pre-made Turkey Joe from the fridge. We saw Jeff Ertz there with a Jew which was a pleasant surprise.

  • Mimi’s put their game face on and gave us the extra friendly service – they even gave Amari free cookies. Unfortunately, Championship Round rules preclude them from any bonus points. Perhaps if we had brought Amari along to Mimi’s the first time they could have gotten that bonus point back then and won the competition outright. Regrettable.


#3: Mimi’s brought a slightly non-traditional take to the NJ Classic. They put tomatoes on it, which wasn’t bad but weird and probably worked against them. They use a sourdough rye that, on its own, is absolutely delicious but has a strong flavor that dominates the rest of the sandwich and completely masks the coleslaw.

#2: Hickory Tree’s Joe had a classic flavor and fresh ingredients that all held their own - quality turkey, tangy swiss, and good bread. What really stood out for Hickory was the very crunchy and tasty slaw. It had a little chopped celery in it that we thought was a lovely touch.

#1: We were initially dubious when we saw Pascarella Bros pre-wrapped sandwich. But that turned out to be their greatest advantage. Many people have noted throughout the Tour that Sloppy Joes tend to get better when they sit a few hours after they’re made. The bread, slaw and cheese all get softer; the flavors combine and the texture becomes more consistently sloppy throughout. That's exactly what we got from Pascarella Brothers. Unlike the other competitors, Pascarellas did not have any one ingredient that shined through. Instead they gave us a singularly tasty classic Sloppy Joe.


Cynthia: 1-Pascarella, 2-Hickory, 3-Mimis

Dave: 1-Pascarella, 2-Hickory, 3-Mimis

DYM: 1-Hickory, 2-Pascarella, 3-Mimis




The league’s two most decorated former champions face off for the Third Place title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug is the unofficial Dumpster Diver of The Playoffs. Justin Jackson was a great pickup for him last week and Jamaal Williams looks like the move of the week right now. He also picked up both Kansas City RBs who may also start if Melvin Gordon sends Jackson to the bench and Lamar Miller isn’t ready to go. The main thing for Doug is he has to avoid starting Cam again. That guy is NOT healthy. We thought is was pretty obvious a few weeks ago but didn’t want to mention it here since we had to play Doug two of the last three weeks. FYI to Doug, we dropped Dak and Baker this week - but he should probably start Mitchell.

Anyways, Doug’s team is fun but Paul’s definitely gonna win this cause he has real RBs.

3-28 WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Philip Lindsay just became the first ever undrafted rookie offensive player to make the pro bowl. He’s gonna be AMPED UP this week and is gonna wreck Oakland. That might be enough to keep this one close for The Champ even if he doesn’t set the rest of his lineup.

Last week Matt took advantage of some green-light match-ups and had the highest score in the league with Gurley, Alshon and Tevin all turning in big games. This week could be tougher for PHP where only his Rams and Browns will face bad defenses. We think Duke Johnson’s earned an honorary start in the flex over Jarvis. Like a lifetime achievement award.


SUPERBOWL VIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has got to be pretty intense for Chris. He has the ultimate monkey on his back – he has not been to the Special Ed Super Bowl since 2011 and has never won his own league. Neither Melvin nor James Connor played week 15 and we’re still getting mixed signals from the practice reports early in the week. He’ll have the same stress-inducing series of choices he had to make last week. He’ll grind it out again, but fortunately it’ll be a shorter week. There’s no Thursday game this week and we don’t have anyone playing in the Sunday night or Monday. Everything should be wrapped up before dinner time Sunday.

We’re just happy to be here right now to be honest. If we win it’ll be vindication for all the QB streamers and dumpster divers everywhere. We think we had a strategy this year and it seems like it worked. That’s a good feeling. We’ll hold our heads high no matter what happens and always consider this a very successful fantasy season. Plus, The Commish is a good friend of ours. We want the best for Chris and we know this really means a lot to him. His team has been so good ALL YEAR long, it would just be crushing to have it all fall apart here in the last week.






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