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DEFEND YOUR MOVES 2019 WEEK 10 PART 2!!!!!!!!!!


Our picks in the Week 10 America's Games Bonanza are looking pretty solid. 3 games were decided on Sunday and we picked them all correctly. Two more hang in the balance for Monday Night, but our picks are not favored to win either of them.

PAT vs Commish

The Commish is down by 6 with Tevin and Manny Sanders versus DK and Russell. The best scenario for Chris is if San Fran dominates at least two or three quarters and holds Russell in check. That's what happened last Thursday when the Niners played the Cardinals, and that’s pretty much what we would guess would happen in this game, so we think The Commish still has a great shot. For reference Manny and Tevin outscored Kyler and Christian Kirk by two points last Thursday.

The pessimistic take for Paul is that DK has a low floor, especially if Josh Gordon makes an appearance. Russell has been sneaky volatile this year, being held under 20 in 4 out of 9 games.

THE COMMISH SAYS: “Don’t ever tell me the odds!!!”

Pickle Ricks vs Douggy Tacos

PR is down by 22 with Tyler Lockett going against Doug’s San Fran D. SFD only ended up with 3 fantasy points last week after the Cardinals made a half-hearted comeback attempt in garbage time. But the highest scoring Cardinal WR was Andy Isabella with 15pts.

San Fran has been particularly tough against fantasy WRs this year. They only allowed a 100 yard (or 20 point) WR once this year (John Ross and Tyler Boyd in week 2). But even in that game, the D still had 7 fantasy points. That won’t work for Dave this week. He’s gonna need a shootout or a big-time statement game for Russell and Tyler against the best real D in the NFL this year.

PICKLE RICK SAYS: “So you’re saying there's a chance.”


Summit Bagel, Summit, NJ

Summit Bagels is on Morris Ave, past Marco Polo, in the Northeast corner of the City of Summit. They’re pretty popular, we’ve been there twice and it seems like there’s always a line on the weekends. And like all top local bagel spots, they always sell out of Whole Wheat Everythings by about 9am. That right there is the hallmark of elite bagel spots - if we can just stroll in at like 10 and you still have WWEs left over from the morning then there might be something wrong with em.

We didn’t get any WWEs this week but that's OK cause they make Egg Everything bagels which we’re very in to right now.

To be honest, we did not expect to find any more playoff contenders this late in the bagel season, but Summit Bagels really blew us away.


Take a gander at this beauty:

That’s thick-sliced Boar’s Head brand lox right there. And just look at those bright, fresh, juicy tomato slices!!!


Our bacon and egg was outstanding as well. The bacon was thick-sliced, like the lox, and the hot sauce was TASTY and very hot.

The bagel itself was on-point too, as you can see below. There's a visible, crispy caramelization on the crust and the insides were soft and airy and packed with flavor!!!

The boy had a pumpernickel. It was heavy on the caraway seed but the judges respected it. A lot of places try to make bagels taste like bread. We appreciate the fact that these guys always err on the side of too much flavor instead of too little.

The only downside is the bagel might be a bit thin, which is part of what made them perfect for sandwiches, but could work against them in the playoffs.


DYM: Egg everything with bacon, egg, salt, pepper, hot sauce: 9

CYNTHIA: Egg everything with lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, capers: 9

AMARI: Pumpernickel with strawberry cream cheese (dnp)


Our visit to Summit Bagel brings the bagel regular season to a close. So far we are thrilled with the results. We actually found 4 decent new bagel spots within 3 miles of the DYM Home Office. THAT’S GREAT!!!!

Here’s the final scores and standings:

Next week we will begin the Bagel Playoff Tournament.

The Bagel Playoffs will be head-to-head Bagel-Offs.

That means no sandwich orders.

We will only judge the pure bagel quality. To do this we will get a couple bagels from each place, then bring them home and eat them with shmeres of cream cheese or peanut butter.

Most likely we will pick up WWEs as often as we can, since those are our daily go-to at the house. We’ll also have to try some egg bagels and pumpernickels or marble ryes as well. Those are your standard bagel varieties.

We will be joined, once again, by our esteemed panel of guest judges - Our wife Cynthia and Madison residents Maribeth and Dave Maulbeck.

The playoff bracket lines up like this:

Next week we’ll do #4 Chatham Bagel vs. #1 Morristown Bagel & Deli (11/17).

Then, on Thanksgiving weekend, it'll be #2 Jersey Boy Bagel vs #3 Summit Bagel (11/24).

The winners of those two will meet in The Bagel Super Bowl on 12/1, just before we begin the Special Ed Playoffs.



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